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Don't Get Caught Unaware and Unprepared [...] (3/12/24) -
Our enemies are biding their time, knowing we are not in the best shape. We're coasting, on past strengths and accomplishments (and weaponry!), and personnel, way too significant for them to ignore. [...] MORE

Modern Day Nazis Rear Their Heads [...] (12/19/23) -
Jews have been brutally attacked by modern-day Nazis, under a guise of religious purity. Police and armed forces did not save them, or even react in time. Many American Jews still resist getting guns to defend themselves [...] MORE

The New Face Of Civil Terrorism [...] (12/07/23) -
It's just racism, murder and civilian disarmament, in new clothes. The Oct. 7 surprise attack by America-hating armed bandits on unarmed civilians at a peace festival, served a great purpose that cannot now be withdrawn--we know the enemy. [...] MORE

Domestic Marxists capture federal agencies, schools, corporations [...] (11/30/23) -
It's fashionable to criticize things as "woke" and left-wing, but this disguises the truth. Flat-out Marxist principles and operatives infuse the radical movements now imbedded in our national systems. [...] MORE

Jews Must Not Support "Gun Control" (10/26/23) -
"Jews should be the last people in the world to support 'gun control'." So said JPFO's founder, Aaron Zelman (1946-2010) and now it is painfully obvious why. [...] MORE

Her New White House Gun Office is "Unconstitutional" (10/23/23) -
With media attention hyper focused on Hamas atrocities and domestic support for terrorists, we cannot lose focus on what our own government is doing behind the curtain to us. [...] MORE

Is Hamas Here? Are we ready? (10/13/23) -
U.S. Border Patrol has identified and caught 150 foreign watchlist suspects trying to infiltrate the U.S. through the Mexico border last month alone. Now Hamas is calling on sympathizers worldwide to commit jihad this weekend. [...] MORE

Make It Easier to Arm Americans Now (10/12/23) -
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership says, don't repeat Israel's error and wait for an attack. "Death to America" is still a thing. Joe Biden said, "We stand with Israel," and JPFO says that's insufficient." [...] MORE

Kamala Harris Being Set Up for Failure, Again (10/09/23) -
With few real details released, VP Harris is being called on for an impossible task-- leading a new federal gun bureaucracy with no legislated authority. "This is classic federal overreach." [...] MORE

JPFO Names New Ambassador (7/19/23) -
Sandy is a long-time shooting enthusiast and hunter who has frequently traveled internationally and domestically to pursue his hunting interests. A regular attendee at gun shows, he has personally trained hundreds of people [...] MORE

JPFO Names James Jones Bill of Rights Sentinel Editor (6/6/23) -
As Sentinel editor, Mr. Korwin, steps down after eight years in that role, Second Amendment Foundation Projects Director, James Jones, takes over the office of the highly regarded, staunchly pro-gun-rights periodical. [...] MORE

America's latest threat, "the woke," almost as bad as communism (3/31/23) -
Communism, famous for brainwashing and mass manipulation, is now rivalled by leftist wokeism, a widespread malaise that posits impossible scenarios working their way into public consciousness. [...] MORE

Gun Control is NOT Crime Control (3/28/23) -
In a move that virtually parallels "communist tactics" of the 1950s and 1960s, "officials" here are demanding gun control (for you, not them) as if this were synonymous with crime control. [...] MORE

JPFO Honors Talk Host Seth Leibsohn With Prestigious "David & Goliath" Award (2/3/23) -
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership ( has honored radio talk host Seth Leibsohn with the "David & Goliath" award for his robust efforts to defend liberty and the right to keep and bear arms. [...] MORE

How Many Psychopaths Is America Coping With? (11/23/22) -
It's already well known that, despite incessant media bleating, there are no more "guns on the streets" of America than hammers, both potentially lethal, both equally available. Decades of socalled "gun control" laws haven't made a dent in the armed criminal population or crime [...] MORE

Dec. 15 is Bill of Rights Day (11/14/22) -
Thanks to the wisdom and foresight of JPFO Founder Aaron Zelman (1946-2010), JPFO annually reminds the nation of "All the Bill of Rights for all citizens." How do you personally do that? [...] MORE

America doesn't have a gun problem--it has a homicidal-maniac problem (10/31/22) -
When mass media somehow delivers stories about a murderer (what they prefer to call "a shooter," subtly giving cover to the criminal and maligning everyone who is armed and goes shooting for practice and safety), it is not news in your home town, thousands of miles away [...] MORE

Most Gun Reporting is a Misinformation Campaign! (10/17/22) -
CNN's constant coverage of what it calls "mass shootings" disguises the fact that these are mass murders. The villains they always call shooters are actually murderers. America's 100 million gun owners, they're shooters -- decent righteous people [...] MORE

The Biden Robbery. Hiding and denying the facts no longer works (8/31/22) -
Mass media may call it "forgiveness" of college debt, but we the people know what it really is: Biden's Robbery. A felony. Students getting their legitimately obtained debt load reduced by unchallenged edict will cheer--which of course is the plan [...] MORE

Is It Bad To Be "A Moderate"? That all depends on the definition (8/30/22) -
With the political left and right so highly polarized, the idea of holding a moderate view has been harmed. JPFO is moderate (rational) but adamant about "Never Again!" (End genocide!). Words in our language have been compromised and twisted out of recognition by media [...] MORE

Controlling the Narrative: "The Bigger Lie" (8/29/22) -
Back in 2000, mass media and the political left were promoting "The Big Lie." They were coming right out and saying the U.S. Constitution doesn't protect your right to arms, as it always had. If the Second Amendment doesn't mean people can bear arms, how exactly did everyone get armed? [...] MORE

Federal government has gone full-on corrupt: New Gun Bills Being Drafted In Secret (6/24/22) -
Drafting legislation in secret, then voting on it before the public it affects can see it, is the height of tyranny. It's like a 15th Century British Star Chamber, or King George posting bills so high on walls they couldn't be read. This shows abusive corruption from the full Congress [...] MORE

It's not about "gun violence," it's about CRIME (6/15/22) -
You all watch TV, see, hear and read the so-called "news." Stabbings, murdering people on train tracks, daylight muggings, stealing, thievery from retail without compunction, smash and grab—the real problem is people who would do such things. America suddenly has a lot of them [...] MORE

If You Think Guns Are a Problem--You Are the Problem (6/13/22) -
Once again, psychotic murderous youngsters are motivating Democrats to attack guns, instead of attacking crime and psychosis. Why are children murdering each other? You don't know, don't want to know, and want to do what you've done before—that everyone knows doesn't work [...] MORE

Don't Call Murderers "Shooters" (5/23/22) -
Mass media is on a non-stop campaign to vilify and outlaw America's hardware of liberty—firearms. In a self-defeating mantra, the very tools needed to preserve freedom of the press, and all other freedoms we enjoy here, are under withering attack [...] MORE

9,941 Black People Murdered in 2020 (5/20/22) -
The only reason ten blacks murdered in Buffalo are getting so much news coverage is because that supports the false government narrative that white people pose the top threat to America, and guns are evil [...] MORE

Excluding Criminals from Gun Checks is Bad (4/22/22) -
Mass media has overlooked, or failed to recognize, that the core of the Biden administration's announced plan for so-called "gun control" would overlook criminals and the arsenals they have already. Strict laws to stop this have been passed, but enforcement tools [...] MORE

Are 100,000 Ukrainian Jews making a "Warsaw Ghetto" stand against Russian murderers? (4/11/22) -
The world can now see the value of arms in civilian hands, causing conflict in the minds of leftist disarmament advocates. They hate guns, want them banned, yet have to cheer on the noble armed Ukrainians. Volunteers? Conscripts? We don't know [...] MORE

JPFO Gets New Rabbinic Director (3/7/22) -
Following the retirement of Dov "The Gun Rabbi" Bendory, JPFO is pleased to announce the relationship we have established with Cary Kozberg, an ordained Rabbi based in Ohio. He understands and expects to continue the traditions of JPFO, including a fine-tuned moral compass [...] MORE

Democrats have no legitimate new topics for gun laws (2/11/22) -
When Joe Biden used his bully pulpit to assault guns, in his Feb. 3 speech in New York, he forgot to mention America has already outlawed all evil gun use. Villifying a particular gun type, or the ammunition that makes guns valuable, reflects how out of touch and tyrannical the current administration has become [...] MORE

Schools Must End Gun-Safety Censorship (1/11/22) -
Much of our nation has become largely illiterate when it comes to gun use and safety. Total censorship on the subject of guns and their social utility, by the education establishment, has put everyone at risk. It indirectly encourages acting out criminally with firearms [...] MORE

Read the Bill of Rights out loud (12/14/21) -
Members of this association, along with friends around the country, will be finding a few minutes in which to do an annual reading of the U.S. Bill of Rights. The spirit and freedoms it fostered gave rise to the magnificent land of opportunity you see before you today [...] MORE

Dec. 15 is Bill of Rights Day (12/14/21) -
Thanks to the wisdom and foresight of JPFO Founder Aaron Zelman (1946-2010), JPFO annually reminds the nation of "All the Bill of Rights for all citizens." How do you personally do that? We have been scheduling and holding local meetings in public places [...] MORE

Kyle Trial Puts Left in Denial (11/30/21) -
Nothing short of vilification and guilt would have sufficed .Outrageous fabrications, disproven by evidence, is all that supports the left. Truth at last—the left is against that, self-defense, firearms, individual rights. In flurries of fury Democrats and leftists denounced Kyle, the verdict and explained: [...] MORE

Kyle Trial Ends in Justice (11/22/21) -
Too much happened for just another news release. How about a list: The court system worked, video-obvious self-defense was exonerated properly; Leftist-led jury intimidation should be prosecuted, including "officials"; NOTE: Even with clear evidence of self-defense, you are very much on the line [...] MORE

The Alec Baldwin Gun-Safety Act (11/09/21) -
Among the most stunning aspects of the Alec-Baldwin-related homicide, for those of us in the firearms industry and community, was the nearly total lack of understanding mass media and its followers exhibited about firearms. Even questions they asked left knowledgeable people slack jawed [...] MORE

Americans with guns are safer than the gunless (10/22/21) -
One drawback of the mass media's overt bias and lack of objectivity is the negative cast it puts on gun owners—women, people of color, poor people, disadvantaged of every description, in fact, all good decent citizens who choose to exercise their natural right to be legally armed [...] MORE

Inclusion and Equity = Exclusion and Inequity (10/19/21) -
The inalienable human right to protect yourself and your family—or even strangers—from violent criminal attack is being systematically excluded from political and social scenes. Not only by gun-ban proposals, but legal obstacles and prosecutors who side with criminals instead of the innocent. [...] MORE

Make Life More Dangerous for Violent Felons (10/8/21) -
We've reached a point where too many decent women and men are afraid to use their firearms for the intended purpose of self-protection and defense of hearth and home. This must change—the Second Amendment and its usefulness cannot be watered down to placate misinformed progressives [...] MORE

What is The Logic of a Fed Agency Led by Those Wanting The Industry to Die? (9/24/21) -
How bad is BATFE now? Astoundingly: The tyranny of BATFE must end. It's corrupt purpose is self-evident: You would never consider leading the Aviation Administration with people afraid to fly—you pick pilots, aircraft designers, industry leaders, so the industry can flourish [...] MORE

Do Guns Still Need Their Own Tax Agency? (9/20/21) -
What exactly is the logic of putting taxation for guns in with taxes for tobacco, and alcohol and explosives? This agency, which has morphed into a paramilitary armed force for what was essentially a bookkeeping job, has outlived its charter, and its usefulness [...] MORE

If they can vote—can they keep and bear arms? (8/31/21) -
Many if not most of the illegal aliens now flooding into America under Mr. Biden's emigration policy come from places where only two groups keep and bear arms—officials and criminals. The newcomers, many of them, only know oppression facing a gun's muzzle. [...] MORE

Delegated Power Matters (8/16/21) -
A disturbing message became clear when the White House decided to circumvent existing law, the Constitution and an emphatic decision from the U.S. Supreme Court. Contracts matter. Rental agreements matter. And the federal government lacks any semblance of authority to declare (as the CDC did) [...] MORE

Biden Seeks to Outlaw LEGAL Gun Activity (8/9/21) -
The Biden administration, frustrated with widespread failure of Democrats' plan to Defund the Police and its predictable skyrocketing crime rates, is now seeking to repeal the federal "Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act." This landmark 2005 law was designed to protect exactly what Biden and his team now seek to outlaw—legal activity. [...] MORE

"The Gun Problem" is a Social Issue (7/28/21) -
It has become totally obvious to everyone except the people nominally in control. The media is carefully obscuring the truth. So-called "gun control" is totally out of control, a product of ceaseless rhetoric, subversion and failed policy, with daylight murders on city streets a common occurrence. It is not widespread, and not everyone is doing it. [...] MORE

Marginalized Minorities are at Greater Risk (7/20/21) -
Every American has a Second Amendment right to self-defense, which is at the heart of an amicus brief filed with the U.S. Supreme Court by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, supporting a challenge of New York State concealed carry laws by the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association [...] MORE

Chicago Suffers 1,587 Criminal Shootings (7/19/21) -
The White House has responded to the alarming increase in daylight murders, gang activity and brazen violent street crime by threatening to crack down on federally licensed firearms dealers and historically run gun shows. What's the point with 300 million guns already owned? [...] MORE

Gun Control Isn't Crime Control (6/22/21) -
"Gun violence" is not a thing. Journalists are hiding behavior issues and increasing CRIME. Every time authorities focus on guns, criminals get a green light to proceed. 300 million guns circulate—only useful idiots think the gun count motivates murderers [...] MORE

JPFO Applauds Texas Constitutional Carry (6/18/21) -
CNN, MSNBC, the networks and the newspapers are in an uproar asking pointless questions about guns and rights they publicly admit they have no knowledge about: "How can a state allow anyone to carry a gun without a license?" You mean you don't know? How can you be a reporter and ask such a question? [...] MORE

JPFO condemns the Columbia Journalism Review manifesto (5/24/21) -
JPFO's position is clear—no individual or organization should ever dictate terms of writing to any journalist or editor. Creating a document that reporters or editors are expected to sign and obey is the hallmark of a totalitarian dictatorship, and such thinking has no place in our free society. [...] MORE

Does "Positive Racism" Exist in America? (5/5/21) -
While leftists (also formerly known as socialists, communists or generically Marxists) try to disarm Americans, the goal is to coalesce power solely into the hands of government, so it can enforce its will on the public. They want people with guns—armed government agents—empowered "by law" to take your guns [...] MORE

Racism Isn't The Problem— (4/29/21) -
"Enforced Diversity" Is Seriously BAD; "Forced Inclusivity" Creates Numerous Problems, Outlawing Guns; While Government Keeps its Guns, BAD; "Hate Crime" Is Thought Crime, and Orwellian, BAD; Using Brainwash Detergent on the Public, BAD [...] MORE

Journalists Brazenly Give Biden Cover— (4/22/21) -
"Of course his gun plan infringes on the Second Amendment," civil-rights group observes. "It's self-evident." Gun-rights reductions on Holocaust Remembrance Day added tone-deaf offense to deliberate injury [...] MORE

Do What's Needed to Stop Genocide! (4/8/21) -
Today, April 8, many of the people in the world will take a moment out of their busy lives to quietly reflect on how cruel we humans can be to each other, as we recall the Shoah, the WWII Holocaust, when Germany and its allies attempted to erase an entire religion and its followers from the face of the planet. They failed [...] MORE

JPFO Gun Confiscation Clock Loses 2 Minutes (3/30/21) -
The JPFO Gun Confiscation Clock has moved two minutes closer to midnight, as Democrats vote on a pair of bills that attack citizens but ignore criminals. At nine minutes to midnight, rights Americans have always had and enjoyed are rapidly shrinking with confiscations planned [...] MORE

Isn't Voting More Dangerous Than Guns? (3/26/21) -
Democrats and "Progressive-Leftists"—a synonym for socialists and now virtually the same thing, seek to expand the U.S. electorate to people who traditionally cannot bear arms, or vote. Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership,, understands this is a terrible idea [...] MORE

Voting Must Be Restricted! (3/24/21) -
CNN news anchor Wolf Blitzer is leading a charge voiced by mass media nationwide, saying repeatedly, "We want as many people as possible to vote." (-Wolf Blitzer, CNN 3/15/21). He echoes a seductive left-wing deception [...] MORE

Congressional "Squad" Invited to Recognize Holocaust Remembrance Day (3/19/21) -
Holocaust Remembrance Day, April 8, is the tip of a global nightmare—genocide has afflicted populations around the world throughout humanity's history. Congress should take a public stand [...] MORE

"Gun Sanctuary Policy" Endorsed (3/5/21) -
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership,, a 30-year-old civil-rights group endorses and supports a states' rights "Gun Sanctuary Policy" approach to gun safety as a safe, legal and rational approach to peaceably prevent the spread [...] MORE

Disarming Jews is Verboten! (2/20/21) -
Expert analysis of Democrat's proposed federal gun law HR127 reveals it would have the net effect of disarming wide swaths of the American public, including the Jewish community. The sacred Jewish oath Never Again! taken after the Holocaust [...] MORE

Dems Avoid Crime Control in New Gun Bill (2/9/21) -
Mass-media outlets gave scant coverage to Sheila Jackson Lee's new unsponsored gun bill. While popular "gun" media gave it plenty—they both focused on the trees and missed the burning forest [...]MORE

Jews Offer Gun Training to Joe Biden (1/22/21) -
"Joe Biden has publicly shown a certain lack of clarity and need for more education on safe gun handling and legal gun use," according to orthodox Rabbi Raziel Cohen, a certified firearms instructor and Ambassador with Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership [...]MORE

The American Gun Pledge (1/12/21) -
Guns are widely recognized as among the most honorable human inventions of all time. Guns protect the weak and the innocent, are a basis for enforcement of just laws and help preserve traditions, values and material goods of civilization [...]MORE

There is Nothing Wrong With Clinging to Your Values, and Your Property (12/29/20) -
/The notion that Prayer, or the Second Amendment is ever improper borders on tyranny. Politicians have no delegated or legitimate power to close down either one. Our Founders armed you to help prevent this [...]MORE

Stability in a Sea of Chaos (12/22/20) -
Our nation remains starkly divided, despite airy pleas for unity. The armed pro-gun-rights camp deeply fears gun confiscation and infringement plans promised by an ascendant Democrat administration—and rightly so [...]MORE

Confiscation Clock 1 Minute Closer to Midnite (11/30/20) -
President Trump and the nation are waiting to see the results of the Georgia election, to know who will control the U.S. Senate, and possibly the entire country. The president is driving the left and news media bonkers while he waits to learn [...]MORE

Jewish Ambassadors Reject Joe Biden's "Shoot Him in the Leg" Illegal Strategy (10/29/20) -
As qualified firearms experts and certified firearms instructors, JPFO's team of Ambassadors have categorically rejected Joe Biden's dangerous and illegal suggestion for police, or anyone, to shoot active criminal perpetrators in their legs [...]MORE

"Just shoot him in the leg" (10/27/20) -
This is the same man who suggested firing a shotgun blast through a closed door. The mandatory gun safety rule is: "Know your target before squeezing the trigger."Joe Biden—and mass media—apparently need better understanding here [...]MORE

NICS Needs to Be Fixed (10/13/20) -
Civil and human rights advocates have warned you for decades. The federal government is commandeering the right to bear arms, and turning it into an option they'll control, using "NICS" so-called background checks. The national background check has not disarmed rioters, criminals [...]MORE

Make America a Gun-Free Zone! That Is the Democrat's Plan (10/7/20) -
This is the bottom line, America—Democrats will ban every decent gun in private possession. That bill is already written and in Congress. Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, JPFO, has been describing it for months. HR5717/S3254. [...]MORE

Democrats, Republicans, Communists (9/29/20) -
• Communists don't allow their subjects to be armed. They run dictatorships. •Democrats have bills in Congress right now to take virtually every private American gun. • Read bill HR5717, it is nothing like media or politicians describe. HR5717 bans loaded guns at home, even locked—until you're under attack [...]MORE

Democrats Appear Set to End Public Gun Ownership If They Gain Power in November (9/14/20) -
Congressional Bills Would Disarm the Populace BUT: Democrat-run cities tolerate or encourage street rioting, catch and release violent perps. Defund and "stand down" police policies popular with democrat city councils allow looting, arson, assault [...]MORE

Biden Plans "Psych" Test for Gun Ownership (9/8/20) -
A plain reading—not "analysis"—of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's gun bill, now in both houses of Congress, will require current and future gun owners to pass psychology and character tests to continue owning the firearms they already legally possess. [...]MORE

Will Biden Award Gold Stars to People Who Can Pass His Gun-Ownership Test? (7/29/20) -
Democrats have settled on a gun plan for the nation, published it in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, and all they need now are control of both Houses and the White House. Their presidential candidate favors it, and he must pick a running mate who also favors [...]MORE

Gun speeches at Dem's convention misleading (8/21/20) -
The statutes have been written and introduced in both houses of Congress. Despite even shocking statements about gun confiscations made at the Democrat's convention, Democrat "authorities" will be empowered to deny your gun rights post-election if they gain power. [...]MORE

With all the Black Lives Matter murders— (7/20/20) -
This is not hyperbole or speculation. Democrats have callously revealed their plans, drafted the bills, printed them, and introduced them into both Houses of Congress HR 5717. All they need to do now is take control of the levers of power in the upcoming election [...]MORE

"The Tactical Rabbi" Joins JPFO as Ambassador (6/30/20) -
Alan Gottlieb, President and CEO of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership,, is pleased to welcome Rabbi Raziel Cohen, "The Tactical Rabbi," as an Ambassador to the nationally renowned civil-rights organization. In operation since 1989, JPFO serves as a moral compass [...]MORE

"Defund Police"? JPFO says you misspelled: "Defend Police"! (6/18/20) -
Few groups in history have suffered at the hands of police worse than Jewish People. While perpetrators of institutional government injustice can be police, that is clearly not what we have in America at this point in time. Shame on news media and certain elected officials attempting to make it look that way [...]MORE

Gun Control Bills Are Anti-Semitic (5/19/20) -
Disarming Jews—and everyone else "equally"—with the Democrats' new bill is no excuse and justifies nothing (HR 5717).Whether demanding confiscation of disfavored guns, limiting ammunition capacity, restricting sales to innocent people by any means or licensing schemes and taxes [...]MORE

Democrats Still Waving Red Flags (5/15/20) -
Campaigning for the Presidency and control of both houses of Congress on a platform that turns potential gun psychotics loose should be an automatic non-starter. Somehow, establishment media and a huge portion of the body politic see no problem with this plan. The national red-flag law Democrats want (HR 5717) [...]MORE

Communist Chinese Stole Your Social Security # (4/29/20) -
With your name, address, full ID, birthdate--your gun owner info. That's the data on your 4473 federal gun paperwork. JPFO warned everyone early: Repeal GCA and 4473 federal gun form. "The 4473 doesn't fight crime." Other gun-rights groups "woke" late in the game. [...]MORE

Would a Democrat Admin Keep Gun Rights Intact? (4/9/20) -
Any questions about the critical nature of gun ownership during the deadly Wuhan virus pandemic, made worse by communist Chinese malfeasance, need only look at the numbers. The public's response tells the true story: "The National Shooting Sports Foundation, the industry trade group tracking sales nationwide [...]MORE

Nj, Ca Gun-Store Closures Only a Symptom (4/2/20) -
While gun-rights groups like the NRA and the Second Amendment Foundation properly attacked New Jersey and other "officials" for illegally and unconstitutionally demanding the closure of free gun and ammunition stores, the big picture is missing: [...]MORE

1st Amendment Right To Assemble Is "Erased" By Chinese Coronavirus (3/27/20) -
Armed Americans like to say, "The Second Amendment protects the rest," but now we're learning the First Amendment equally protects our right to arms. Without the right to assemble, the National Rifle Association Annual Meeting has been cancelled [...]MORE

JPFO Faults "Gun Controllers" For Lack of Safety (3/24/20) -
In these desperate times of medical crisis, when record numbers of Americans are running out to their local gun shops, many for the first time, seeking the protection and safety that only personal firearms can provide, the much vaunted "Moms for Gun Safety"-type groups [...]MORE

False Use of Language Causes Harm: (1/29/20) -
With so much hatred of Jews in the world -- constantly on front pages -- even the blind can see it is critical for Jews to prepare themselves for self defense. Denying this is a formula for death. A government that seeks to disarm its population is openly advocating [...]MORE

A Political Platform That Demands Violating the Constitution Requires "Dereliction Of Oath" (1/14/20) -
The U.S. Bill of Rights has a plain and direct ban on infringing the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Presidential candidates who run must know, as the public does, that if they win election they must take the oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." [...]MORE

Armed Self Defense Really Works (1/8/20) -
Lives were saved at the end of 2019 by armed attendees at a church service, when a murderer was shot dead seconds after he acted. The only thing unusual about the now famous Dec. 30, 2019 incident is that it was caught so dramatically on clear video with sound. This sort of event occurs with great frequency [...]MORE



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