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More recent additions, 12/27/13: Two more examples of abuses.
12/18/10 - BATFE and rifle sales.
2/15/10 - BATFE Agent destroys case records! ……
and … BATFE Suppressor SNAFU

4/27/10 - Four new links to follow - 3 part item and fourth follow up ......
Agents of Incompetence: ATF Seizes Gun Shipment Labeled 'Toys' - But They Really Were Toys
Agents of Incompetence: ATF Seizes 'Toys,' Then Touts Their Danger (Part II)
Agents of Incompetence: Customs,ATF Dodging All Questions About Toy Guns (Part III)
Agents of Incompetence: ATF Dodges FOIA, Still Has Seized BB Guns (Part IV)

This page carries many links – it turns out inevitably some will have expired within this many–years–old site. We still retain the page content however. Some links may also still lead to old style JPFO pages, some of which we hope eventually to update, as possible.


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Click here or scroll down for a compilation of our articles, documents, and alerts concerning the BATFE.

Len Savage battles BATFE - 2004/5. Savage v. BATFE.

ATF Under Seige - Commentary from 1995.

BATFE Agent Charged - 2 - David Codrea comment.

BATFE Agent Charged - The ATF working for the people!

The Friesen Case - The ATF gets caught out!

Olofson vs US - link to main page - and updates.

ATF Open Letter - Licencees, July 1986

BATFE Forfeiture Procedures

First ad in Shotgun News/Washington Times Weekly

Second ad in Washington Times Weekly

Third ad in Washington Times Weekly

Ad in Concealed Carry Magazine

Has the BATFE ever contacted you? Let us know!

BATFE Congressional Hearings

Flyer for Distribution -- Help spread the word; distribute this "4473" flyer!


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We gun owners routinely say to one another that we have the "right" to keep and bear arms. Honestly, though: what kind of "right" do we have if we are afraid to use it?

There is one federal agency whose job is to instill fear into gun owners and dealers. That agency is BATFE.

When we're afraid to make a purchase at a gun show, own an interesting collection of firearms, or effectively protect our own home and family, then we've already lost most of the right to keep and bear arms.

Notice the key word: afraid. Simple fear of being investigated or prosecuted is enough to deter honest citizens from having, owning, using, or even taking an interest in firearms. When you realize the staggering cost of legal defense against even a bogus federal prosecution, you have every reason to be afraid. And the BATFE has always relied on our fear.


You may know that JPFO, in partnership with courageous gun-maker Len Savage, has been holding the BATFE's feet to the fire for the last year. We've documented their chain of abuses, their capriciousness, and -- yes -- their vindictiveness when cornered. Just check out our "BATFE: Exposing the Threat" page.

To show you the impact we're having, the Congressional Research Memo repeatedly references articles published by JPFO! Our work is being noticed at the very top! For months, the Department of Justice attempted to bury the information. Why? Because DOJ and BATFE were themselves afraid that gun owners and gun makers will finally be angry enough -- and armed with enough facts -- to oppose them publicly and effectively. After decades of futile complaints about this brutal, out-of-control agency, the tide has turned. The momentum is on our side. We have the BATFE on the run! It's now up to you to keep the momentum going.


We have literally taken on this dangerous, vindictive federal agency. And we have had encouraging successes. This fight against the BATFE abuses has cost money -- more money than we planned. But that's no reason to stop. In fact, this battle cannotstop. We must now take it to the next level -- and that means placing ads in national publications to "wake the choir" and get gun owners roaring. We must tell gun owners that, after all these terrible decades of abuse, a handful of crusaders have put the BATFE on the run -- and that it's now up to all of us to pursue the BATFE with facts, knowledge, and courage until it is dismantled and no longer a terror to American gun owners.

Right now it's US vs. BATFE. We need more warriors on our side. So we need your financial help to keep up the fight. We plan to run large ads in influential national media, and these ads will cost $1,000 - $2,000 or more -- each. These ads will deliver facts to educate and enlist more gun owners to help. These ads will sound a ringing wake-up call to action.

Yes, we're asking for money. It's the only way to get the job done. Please call 800-869-1884 now. We can't promise a free gift -- we can only promise you a tenacious struggle to protect your right to keep and bear arms without fear. This is your fight. This is the fight for the rights of all firearms owners in America. Please contact us today and contribute what you can. Donate to the ''Gang Movie" here and help us defray those costs, which all helps the cause.

If we had run out of funds, then we'd have had to quit, and the BATFE would win. Your financial support is critical -- to give this rogue agency the boot, and we're still trying! (Even though now a long–completed movie, financial help is still appreciated.)



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BATFE - Exposing the Threat

A compilation of our alerts and articles concerning the BATFE.

[Video] [Documents] [Articles] [Links] [ATF Law & Legal Opinions][Alerts]


BATFE Fails the Test: A short sample, low quality exposé

The Gang Movie: The full story of the BATFE Agency, DVD available at the JPFO Store



US vs Kwan case - Dismissal

US vs Olofson

The Harassment of Red's Trading Post

BATFE book-keeping issues

Len Savage Testimony -- USA v. Kwan

Kwan New Trial Order

Kwan Comments by Len Savage

KTO/Rick Celata Complaint


KT Ordnance / BATFE lawsuit documents

ATF Complaint Files
This is a zipped archive of several online news reports on complaints on the ATF.

BATFE Demands Customer Records! [Page 1] [Page 2]

GAO Report "Firearms Controls"

Letter to ATF regarding John Ross (author of Unintended Consequences)

"Sporting Purposes" Letter [Part 1] [Part 2]

An Open Letter to the FBI


In July 1995, national attention focused suddenly on an annual private gathering in southeastern Tennessee known as the "Good Ol' Boy Roundup" (Roundup). News stories reported that the Roundup was a "whites-only" gathering of Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) and other federal law enforcement officers that resembled a "Klan rally" and at which these agents discriminated against blacks by posting racist signs, wearing racist T-shirts, performing racist skits, and playing racist music. A widely-publicized excerpt from a home video allegedly filmed at a Roundup showed a sign that read, "Nigger check point." In addition, allegations of criminal conduct, including narcotics distribution and rape, were raised at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing held within ten days of the original news stories.

"Good Ol' Boy Roundup" Report Executive Summary

"Good Ol' Boy Roundup" Q&A

"Good Ol' Boy Roundup" Report

"Good Ol' Boy Roundup" Report - March 1996 (Rules)

"Good Ol' Boy Roundup" Report - March 1996 (Allegations of Posting of Checkpoint Sign)

"Good Ol' Boy Roundup" Report - March 1996 (Whites-Only Policy)

"Good Ol' Boy Roundup" Graph of Total Attendance by Affiliation

ATF Reconsideration Letters
[BM-3000] [M11 Conversion Trigger] [Shaughnessy M11 Modular Upper Adapter]

BATFE "Do As We Say, Not as We Do" Letter [Part 1] [Part II]

Congressional Research Service Memo(PDF)

Truscott Letter (PDF)

BATFE Claiming Shoestring is a Machine Gun (JPG format)

Office of Professional Responsibility(PDF) DOJ response to allegations of ATF misconduct

Len Savage Evidence File (HTML, with links to PDFs of letters to/from BATFE)

Letter to James Sensenbrenner (PDF)

Sensenbrenner Response (JPG)

HR 1603 - Fairness in Firearms Testing Bill (as introduced to House) (PDF)


Am I an Enemy of the US Government? by Len Savage, February 2006

Why the ATF's Firearm Testing Procedures are Scientifically Invaliby Len Savage, July 2005

BATFE Fails the Test (Shotgun News Article, January 2005)

Gang sweep exaggerated: ATF greatly overstated number of arrests

The BATFE at Waco

Proposed Lawsuit Against BATFE

Congress Told of More ATF Abuses, Reforms Suggested (Sorry - link expired)

Once Its Star, Agent Assails ATF

Racist Ways Die Hard at Lawmen's Retreat

BATFE Being Sued for Shooting Man During Search (Sorry - link expired)


Abuses of the BATF: Institutional Perjury by James H. Jeffries, III

Transcript of Roll-Call Training Tape



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All that follows below has been on the page since it was assembled long ago. Sorry - but all these files from Carnegie Mellon seem sadly to be no longer available - any feedback on this material would be appreciated. We have left the list just because the short descriptions still refer to specifics and may even be useful for a web search.



atf_letter1.txt(2k) Legalities of an auto sear in post crime bill AR

atf_letter2.txt(2k) Changes in local laws during pending Form 5

atf_letter3.txt(2k) Applicability of 922(r) to NFA weapons

atf_letter4.txt(2k) Legality of modifications on Russian SKS

atf_letter5.txt(3k) Law enforcement signoffs

atf_letter6.txt(4k) Sept. 1994 letter to mag makers, advising on new law

atf_letter7.txt(2k) Making stripped receiver into pistol w/o violating NFA

atf_letter8.txt(2k) ATF on making one large cap. mag out of two pre-ban large cap. mags.

atf_letter9.txt(1k) ATF on whether a pistol receiver is subject to the Brady law.

atf_letter10.txt(3k) Opinion on a pistol gripped, rifled barrel, 12 gauge shot gun, w. short barrel

atf_letter11.txt(6k) ATF on assault weapons, disassembly for resale, threaded muzzles

atf_letter12.txt(3k) Classification of 1927 Colt Thompson and FAL G series rifles

atf_letter13.txt(2k) ATF on sales at guns shows of C&R firearms acquired from other dealers

atf_letter14.txt(5k) ATF on Gatling Guns

atf_letter15.txt(3k) Jan. 1997 letter on errors in entries in NFRTR

atf_letter16.txt(3k) Rules for building a Sterling SMG on a Sten receiver

atf_letter17.txt(2k) May 1997 letter re thread adapters usable with a silencer

atf_letter18.txt(4k) 1976 letter on legality of wallet holster and High Standard derringer

atf_letter19.txt(4k) 1996 letter re wallet holster/derringer combos

atf_letter20.txt(2k) ATF on whether a ported barrel is a silencer in itself

atf_letter21.txt(2k) ATF on combination machine gun and silencer where silencer is removable

atf_letter22.txt(5k) ATF on whether a HK sear gun w/o a sear is a machine gun

atf_letter23.txt(5k) 1966 letter on applicability of transfer taxes to government entities

atf_letter24.txt(2k) Letter on applicability of 922(r) regulations to semi auto AK rifles

atf_letter25.txt(3k) ATF on imported parts in Daewoo DR200 rifle

atf_letter26.txt(2k) ATF on legality of using a high capacity magazine in an imported semi-auto rifle

atf_letter27.txt(4k) ATF on (imported) parts content of AK rifles

atf_letter28.txt(2k) ATF on disposition of NFA guns after felony conviction

atf_letter29.txt(2k) ATF on completing the law enforcement certification

atf_letter30.txt(1k) ATF on removing the block from Colt Sporter rifle

atf_letter31.txt(2k) ATF on state of residence for NFA transfer purposes

atf_letter32.txt(3k) ATF on modifying thumbhole stocked semi-autos after their ban from further importation

atf_letter33.txt(7k) ATF on revolving cylinder shotguns and USAS-12 shotgun

atf_letter34.txt(3k) 1970's ATF memo on registered DEWATs

atf_letter35.txt(11k) 1985 ATF memo on drop in auto sears and removing them from AR-15 rifles

atf_letter36.txt(2k) 1971 ATF memo re fabrication of M-16 receiver

atf_letter37.txt(3k) 1994 ATF memo on machinegun conversion kits and whether they are firearms for purposes of the GCA

atf_letter38.txt(2k) 1983 letter regarding a machine gun with an integral silencer and transferring it as one firearm

atf_letter39.txt(4k) 1980 ATF memo on replacing M1 carbine receiver on M1 converted into a machinegun

atf_letter40.txt(4k) ATF on permanently attaching muzzle devices

atf_letter41.txt(2k) 6/70 memo on removing a converted M1 carbine from the machine gun category

atf_letter42.txt(2k) 5/98 ATF letter on moving an NFA firearm from one state to another to sell it

atf_letter43.txt(2k) 1978 letter on Browning .50 cal sideplate regulated as a receiver

atf_letter44.txt(2k) 1979 ATF letter on part constituting receiver of GE minigun

atf_letter45.txt(2k) ATF on replacing receivers on semi-auto assault weapons

atf_letter46.txt(2k) ATF on modifications to Uzi receivers

atf_letter47.txt(2k) 1998 ATF letter on recordkeeping, keeping corp. owned NFA weapons

atf_letter48.txt(2k) ATF on making a new silencer to replace a defective one w/ same serial number

atf_letter49.txt(3k) 1999 ATF letter on semi-automatic assault weapon receivers

atf_letter50.txt(3k) 1992 ATF letter on H&R Handy Gun receiver status

atf_letter51.txt(2k) 1999 ATF letter on flash suppressors and assault weapons

atf_letter52.txt(3k) 1999 ATF letter on possessing M16 parts and an AR15

atf_letter53.txt(3k) 4/99 ATF letter on installing PSG1 stock and grip onto SAR8

atf_letter54.txt(4k) ATF letter qualifying advice in atf_letter48.txt, on replacing silencer parts

atf_letter55.txt(2k) 4/99 ATF letter on possessing spare M16 parts and a Colt Sporter rifle, refers to atf_letter52.txt

atf_letter56.txt(2k) ATF on making a short rifle to divorce an HK sear from host gun

atf_letter57.txt(2k) 3/99 ATF letter on changing markings on a registered receiver NFA firearm

atf_letter58.txt(3k) 1981 letter on use of reproduction Luger and High Power shoulder stocks

atf_letter59.txt(2k) 1995 ATF letter on altering, remarking an H&K SP89 pistol

atf_letter60.txt(3k) 6/99 ATF letter on sales of firearms by unlicensed persons to LE agencies and officers

atf_letter61.txt(3k) 3/99 ATF letter on modifications to registered receiver Uzi machine gun

atf_letter62.txt(3k) 1946 ATF memo on war trophy firearms

atf_letter63.txt(3k) 1978 ATF memo on Dewats and their registration

atf_letter64.txt(3k) 4/69 ATF memo on Amnesty registration after Amnesty

atf_letter65.txt(4k) 8/99 ATF letter on NICS checks on corporations, NICS check on NFA-non-NFA firearm combinations

atf_letter66.txt(3k) 8/99 ATF letter on making replacement silencer parts

atf_letter67.txt(3k) 8/99 ATF letter on repair of a silencer by a manufacturer

atf_letter68.txt(3k) 9/99 ATF Letter on alterations to SAR8 rifle

atf_letter69.txt(2k) 1999 ATF Letter on applicability of NFA to silencer on antique firearm

atf_letter70.txt(3k) 3/99 ATF letter on using reporduction stocks on Candian Hi Power pistols

atf_letter71.txt(4k) 1996 ATF letter on making a dummy AR15 and on assault weapon ban

atf_letter72.txt(4k) 9/99 ATF letter on transfer by gunsmiths and transfers to married couples

atf_letter73.txt(3k) 1992 letter on LE certification and judges

atf_letter74.txt(3k) 1999 ATF letter on LE certifications

atf_letter75.txt(2k) 1/2000 ATF letter on LE certification from Chief of Colorado State Patrol

atf_letter76.txt(2k) 12/99 ATF letter on status of short barreled HK rifle without trigger pack

atf_letter77.txt(2k) 1/2000 Letter on transfers of Post-86 machine guns from gov't entities

atf_letter78.txt(2k) 11/97 ATF letter on making an AR15 pistol AOW

atf_letter79.txt(4k) 4/61 ATF letter on classification of FAL G Series rifle for Browning

atf_letter80.txt(3k) 5/63 ATF letter on classification of Browning G Series FAL rifle

atf_letter81.txt(2k) 7/63 ATF letter on Browning G Series FAL guns

atf_letter82.txt(2k) 1974 ATF Order re Browning G Series FAL rifles

atf_letter83.txt(2k) 3/99 ATF letter on which part of the FNC rifle is the receiver

atf_letter84.txt(2k) 3/2000 ATF letter on whether an FAL with full auto ejector block is a machine gun

atf_letter85.txt(2k) 6/2000 ATF letter on modifying a high capacity magazine

atf_letter86.txt(2k) 1979 ATF Order superseding the 1974 Order in ATF letter 82

atf_letter87.txt(2k) 6/2000 ATF letter on semi-auto shotgun and AW ban

atf_letter88.txt(3k) 10/2000 ATF letter on modifying a pre-bad large capacity magazine to work in a different weapon

atf_letter89.txt(3k) 10/2000 ATF letter on if a Romanian Ak47's threading counts as threading for a flash suppressor

atf_letter90.txt(4k) 3/2000 ATF letter on possessing an AR and an M16 and spare parts and uppers

ATF Ruling 89-1 Regarding procedure for faxing documents to ATF(7k)

ATF Ruling 95-1 Ruling re excise tax on shotgun with multiple barrels(3k)

ATF Ruling 95-3 re 37mm launchers and anti-personnel ammo(5k)

ATF Ruling 96-2 on auctioneers needing a FFL(6k)

ATF Ruling 2001-1 ending the amnesty for certain shotguns on 5/1/2001(3k)

April 1997 temporary regulations regarding firearm purchases by non-citizens(34k)

Arms Export Control Act 22 USC 2778(19k)

List of all ATF forms compiled by Jim Jeffries(56k)

Link to 1998 ATF report re new assault weapon ban, PDF format

Brady Law text(30k)

Final rules implementing Brady law, Fed Reg 2/95(47k)

2/98 proposed regulations implementing phase 2 of Brady background checks(45k)

10/98 Final ATF Brady law regulations(68k)

8/99 ATF Notice on Transfers of National Firearms Act Firearms in Decedents Estates(4k)

6/4/98 FBI proposed Brady law regulations(56k)

August 1998 proposed FBI regulations on Brady fee(27k)

10/98 Final FBI Instant check regulations for Brady law(67k)

September 1999 ATF report about implementation of the Brady Law(42k)

3/99 proposed FBI regulation on NICS record retetion time period(20k)

1988 FFL Newsletter item on disallowing

1988 FFL Newsletter item on disallowing machine gun conversion parts that require modification to the host gun(3k)

Title XI, Firearms, of the Crime Bill, eff. 9/14/94(64k)

crimebill_regs.proposed(78k) Federal Register 4/6/95 pp17466-17456

8/00 ATF proposed regulation requiring dealers inventory firearms(21k)

Denver, CO's assault weapon ordinance(15k)

9/96 ATF proposed rules defining persons prohibited from purchasing or receiving firearms and ammunition(28k)

Statute imposing firearms disability for domestic violence misdemeanors, and letters from ATF on that topic.

10/96 proposed changes in explosive license fees and regs(28k)

Dept. of Commerce regulations on fake and toy guns 15 CFR 1150(10k)

9/96 proposed regulations on firearms excise taxes(13k)

10/98 ATF final regulations on firearms excise taxes(17k)

BATF's gun show rules/laws notice(2k)

1999 House report on 50 caliber sniping rifle, in PDF format(44k)

1999 GAO briefing on 50 caliber sniping rifle, in PDF format(533k)

Press release from the White House about the 120 day import ban on modified guns similar to banned semi-auto rifles.(5k)

List of import banned semi-auto rifles, from 1989 FFL Newsletter(2k)

January 17, 1997 ATF open letter to firearms importers(14k)

7/96 interim regulations on the import of high capacity magazines(27k)

Gun Free School Zones Act text, 9/96(4k)

6/98 ATF regulations implementing Lautenberg amendment(25k)

6/99 ATF proposed regulations on markings on firearms(24k)

1998 Mass. gun control law, amending curent law(140k)

7/98 ATF regulations re notice of ban on handgun sales to minors(28k)

2/2000 ATF Press release about Repair of NFA Firearms

Revenue Procedure 58-8 DEWATs(3k)

Revenue Ruling 54-181 classification of various guns(4k)

Revenue Ruling 54-455 shoulder stocked pistols(2k)

Revenue Ruling 55-258 Gatling guns(1k)

Revenue Ruling 55-341 double sided concealable shotgun(1k)

Revenue Ruling 55-529 pen gun and shotgun teargas guns(1k)

Revenue Ruling 55-569 Ruling on powerhead for bangstick(1k)

Revenue Ruling 55-570 short rifles(1k)

Revenue Ruling 55-590 DEWAT's(4k)

Revenue Ruling 56-29 tear gas guns vs. firearms(1k)

Revenue Ruling 57-6 smooth bore handguns(3k)

Revenue Ruling 57-34 silencers(3k)

Revenue Ruling 57-227 DEWATs(3k)

Revenue Ruling 58-417 M-14 rifle(1k)

Revenue Ruling 59-340 Ruling on pistol convertible into rifle(1k)

Revenue Ruling 59-341 concerning Dardick handgun and convertibility into rifle(1k)

Revenue Ruling 61-45 shoulder stocked pistols(2k)

Revenue Ruling 61-203 shoulder stocked pistols (3k)

Revenue Ruling 68-368 Spitfire Carbine(2k)

Revenue Ruling 75-7 Tear Gas Pen Guns (revokes 59-29)(2k)

1998 Federal Secure Gun Storage requirement(4k)

April, 1996 Federal Register notice as to firearm imports from the USSR.(15k)

1997 Federal Register notice as to removal of some restrictions on firearm imports from the various former USSR states.(9k)

8/99 ATF Notice on registration of Streetsweeper and USAS12 shotguns(5k)

1932 Uniform Machine Gun Act, text and notes(63k)

1989 ATF report on unimportability of semiautomatic assault rifles(50k)

U.S. Munitions List 22 CFR 121.1(46k)

4/99 revisions to US Munitions List and to firearms export rules(24k)

4/6/98 White House release on assault weapon ban(4k)

4/6/98 Pres. Clinton statement on new assault weapon ban(6k)



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More Unamericanism (and Even a Touch of Insanity) From the BATFE (1/17/2005)

Viewers Rave Over BATFE Fails the Test (1/8/2005)

Vital Warning to All Owners of Semi-Automatic Firearms (1/3/2005)


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