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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  • March 7, 2022  •  Contact: Floyd Neeland

Rabbi Cary Kozberg of Ohio joins JPFO:

JPFO Gets New Rabbinic Director

Spiritual and firearm guidance from a highly qualified Rabbi

Unlike so many religious leaders, Rabbi Kozberg "gets it" about the art,
science, biblical self-defense requirements, and the American Founders' vision.

Following the retirement of Dov "The Gun Rabbi" Bendory, JPFO is pleased to announce the relationship we have established with Cary Kozberg, an ordained Rabbi based in Ohio. He understands and expects to continue the traditions of JPFO, including a fine-tuned moral compass, the Five Kosher Gun Laws, strict focus on gun safety and proper gun use, and fair laws governing the criminal element and our armed population.

"It has become obvious that Americans, and Jewish people in particular, must become more aware and better capable of defending themselves. Crime and assaults happen without warning, and police are not enough to provide security for people, especially in their homes," Rabbi Kozberg said. His first column for JPFO will appear in the upcoming second quarter edition of The JPFO Bill of Rights Sentinel. We expect to see his byline on some of our frequent eblasts and at

"Our search for a new Rabbinic Director has come to a wonderful conclusion," said Alan Gottlieb, President and CEO of JPFO. "It's good to have the Rabbinic Director slot filled, and Rabbi Kozberg is both a trained firearms-savvy individual and a good spiritual leader," Gottlieb said. Alan Korwin, a consultant to JPFO added, "Although JPFO works with and gets counsel from a number of Rabbis and leaders in the Jewish community, it's an excellent benefit to have a man officially on board as our Rabbinic Director."

His many published writings are easily found with a web search. "I am honored to take on this role," he said, "for a long-standing civil-rights organization that knows "Never Again!" are words that must be backed up with fortitude, vigilance and training."
Rabbi Kozberg's bio can be seen on JPFO.


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