An Open Letter To America From JPFO

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Jewish Ambassadors Reject Joe Biden's

"Shoot Him in the Leg" Illegal Strategy

Journalists must follow their Code of Ethics on this point for public safety*

As qualified firearms experts and certified firearms instructors, JPFO's team of Ambassadors have categorically rejected Joe Biden's dangerous and illegal suggestion for police, or anyone, to shoot active criminal perpetrators in their legs. Mr. Biden has demonstrated, once again, a nearly total lack of understanding of firearms, gun law and self-defense, and should probably not be allowed near loaded guns for safety reasons, let alone in charge of gun policy for the nation.


"'Shoot him in the leg' is without doubt among the worst lines of advice I've ever heard. Under stress the average human being has a very accelerated heart rate, plus a boost of adrenaline. During times when a person feels that their life might end, allowing a shot at another human being in the first place, the human body goes into survival mode. Take into account the assailant would be within immediate striking range, might be on narcotics which could make shots ineffective, the possibility of missing the bone and stopping nothing, or a flesh wound and ricochet posing external risks, or lethally hitting an artery and defeating the silly 'just wound the person' notion, of just simply missing a thin moving target under duress. No one trains to do this for obvious reasons. Do not take advice from someone who not only knows nothing about firearms, but also is completely unaware of the amount of variables that go into making a decision in a deadly encounter."
–Orthodox Rabbi Raziel Cohen, JPFO Ambassador, "The Tactical Rabbi"

"Joe Biden lecturing on firearms is as appropriate—and accurate—as Joe Stalin holding forth on mercy and charity."
–J.D. "Duke" Schechter, USMC, Ret., JPFO Ambassador

Joe Biden never learns! Years ago, he told a gullible public that if an intruder was breaking in at two in the morning, committing a home invasion, it was perfectly fine to blindly fire two warning shots from a double-barreled shotgun... into the air! Similarly, he now wants police to shoot armed criminals who are running... in the leg! These Biden statements are indicative of a man who knows nothing about firearms law and real world safety. It's incredibly scary that anyone who believes what he does could ever even get near being in charge of infringing on honest, law-abiding, trained, responsible citizens who wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights. In my case, it's for self-defense, to protect myself and my family, in a very dangerous and uncertain world. –Richard Busch, JPFO Ambassador

"The purpose of deadly force is to stop a dangerous felony. 'Aiming to wound' indicates that the attack is not immediate, or you think it poses less than grave bodily injury or death, and therefore does not justify deadly force at all. What Mr. Biden advocates doing, is chargeable in most jurisdictions as aggravated assault. If done with a deadly weapon, there is usually mandatory minimum sentencing. Upon conviction, you will lose your right to vote for him if you take his advice. Don't do that."
–Charles Heller, Former Exec. Dir., JPFO, Certified Firearms Instructor

Mr. Biden's comment shows he cares more for the lives of attackers than victims. The suggestion to shoot people in the leg is woefully ignorant–but it is a dangerous misconception my students ask about often! Above each joint in the human body is an artery and arterial vein. Once ruptured, massive hemorrhaging, if untreated, guarantees death. Open complex fractures caused by gunshots are equally dangerous. But despite the hemorrhaging, a shot to the leg, while potentially as lethal as any shot may not sufficiently stop an attack, and Biden doesn't understand this. His advice puts innocent victims at risk by trying to prioritize an attacker's life above that of an innocent person's.

You can only use lethal force when faced with clear immediate felony threats like kidnapping, violent sexual assault, serious bodily injury or death. In such terrible peril, why should innocent people hinder their own defense in the slightest? When we use our simulator-based trainings to safely test such TV-fiction tactics, students quickly learn that aiming for extremities is outlandish without any convincing from me. If Biden's theory was any good, his exemplary Secret Service detail would adopt it, but they won't—it is a proven grossly ineffective Hollywood fantasy and they know that.
–Grant Schmidt, JPFO Ambassador, Certified Firearms Instructor

81"Justification to use deadly force against another person, if it is immediately necessary to prevent death or serious bodily injury to yourself or another person, is not justification to intentionally wound anyone, or to use a gun to make scary noises. Those would both be bad tactical decisions, and very serious crimes. Biden's inept 'leg shot' imprudence is aggravated assault or attempted murder, never self-defense. Joe Biden has suggested committing those crimes to 100 million armed Americans, he doesn't know it, and mass media has not asked him about this. They must, or leave the public encouraged to criminally fire up into the air with Joe."
–Alan Korwin, Author, Gun Laws of America, Editor, JPFO's Bill of Rights Sentinel

*JPFO points out that if the Associated Press, the Society of Professional Journalists and similar news groups do not alert their thousands of members to follow their Ethics Codes they knowingly expose their audiences to inadvertently commit felony crimes: "Newspaper should guard against inaccuracies, [and] should acknowledge substantive errors and correct them promptly and prominently." Mass media have perpetrated inaccuracy by faithfully reporting Mr. Biden's dangerous felony advice, without acknowledgment or correction.