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Media persist in calling deadly hatred of Jews "anti-Semitism" —
falsely smearing a billion Arab Semites

Q: Why do so many people fervently hate Jews?*

With so much hatred of Jews in the world -- constantly on front pages -- even the blind can see it is critical for Jews to prepare themselves for self defense. Denying this is a formula for death. A government that seeks to disarm its population is openly advocating a lethal policy toward this vulnerable group of people. It is a holocaust being prepared by policy and must not be tolerated.

Jewish denigraters must be called out for what they are, not hidden with a white-washed bland euphemism like anti-Semites, which they are not. These Jew-hating politicians, reporters and citizens must face the cold steel backing up Never Again!, in the hands of well-trained Jews and all Americans who stand, as even leftists insist, against bias, bigotry, prejudice and hatred in all its forms. Efforts to disarm or subarm any segment of the population must be flatly rejected if for no other reason than these measures disarm Jews who are constantly under armed assault.

It is time for our schools to teach armed self defense, and the value of an armed republic to resist tyranny, hatred and abuse. Domestic violence must be met with countervailing force. Criminal attack must be met with armed might. The same types of firearms and ammunition Officer Friendly deems appropriate for dealing with street crime, jihadis, civil unrest, drug gangs and the rest are the types we the people need and should be comfortable with owning and operating. Training is thus crucial. The evil scourges of communistic and socialistic tyrannies need to face armed resistance wherever they raise their dictatorial heads, as Americans understood a mere few decades ago. No more coddling and excuses that allows these pernicious diseases to flourish. Freedom requires defense. Real defense.
Get armed. Get trained. Be prepared. This is JPFO's message of life.

* –See next page for the reasons so many people hate the Jews–

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