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2024 Alerts

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2024 Alerts

March 1st 2024   Ernst Works to Protect Lawful Gun Dealers from ATF

February 28th 2024   Fox: U. Campuses On Edge Over Murders; WV To Implement Self-Defense Act

February 26th 2024   28 States sign letter to Administration: Do Not Restrict Ammo Sales to Public

February 23rd 2024   UN Launches Most Aggressive Ban On Private Firearms Ownership Since ATT

February 21st 2024   America Loses Its Oldest Factory—Yeah, a Gun Factory

February 19th 2024   CA Lawmaker Wants Gun Owners to Register Firearms, Pay Fee Every Year

February 16th 2024   Black History Month: Celebrating Black Second Amendment scholars

February 14th 2024   OPINION: ATF 'Zero-Tolerance' Policy Doesn't Apply In-House

February 12th 2024   CA: Ammunition Infringements Back in Force... for Now

February 9th 2024   Hawaii's Supreme Court InsistsThere Is No Individual Right to Arms

February 7th 2024   Preliminary Injunction on Pistol Brace Rule for State of Florida

February 5th 2024   Majority of Attorneys General Refute Latest Anti-Freedom Attack

January 31st 2024   How the 2A is treated as a second class right by California Democrats

January 29th 2024   OPINION: True intent of Democrats' anti-militia bill is to infringe on firearm training

January 26th 2024   USPS reacts to Court Restoring Second Amendment Rights on Postal Property

January 24th 2024   New anti-gun group hopes foreign lawsuits will increase domestic 'gun control'

January 22nd 2024   Vagaries and Abuses of Terminology

January 19th 2024   Did Constitutional Carry Impact 'Gun Violence'?

January 17th 2024   Fourth Circuit to hear Maryland Second Amendment case En Banc

January 15th 2024   Special Report: How a Pennsylvania Sheriff became a gun control patsy

January 12th 2024   President Biden's Campaign Talks Freedom but Vows to Shatter Second Amendment Rights

January 10th 2024   Updated information on Mass Public Shootings from 1998 through October 2023

January 8th 2024   The Collusion Hoax Was Important

January 5th 2024   'Your husband or your guns'

January 3rd 2024   California's 'Repugnant' Restrictions on Public Gun Possession Just Took Effect

January 2nd 2024   A Step Toward Protecting Veterans' Second Amendment Rights


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