BATFE and its Gun Registration



JPFO has battled long and hard against BATFE abuses and much of the fight can be found within our page "Boot The Batfe", also a site search on "ATF" and/or "BATFE" can bring up a wealth of accumulated data. There are also many sound file interviews on Talkin' to America which also deal with such material.

JPFO has however recently been bringing to people's attention the 'back door' methods of registration effected through the use of eTrace and CARS. This page seeks to index that material following alerts sent out Oct 23, Oct 26 and Oct 27 2009, in order to centralize it somewhat, for easier reference. Extra additions added since those dates, including allied material.

(Some of this is in part associated with UN Small Arms control)


4/2/10 — From - "United States, Belgium Sign eTrace Agreement". "The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that will provide eTrace, an electronic firearms tracing system, to Belgium to strengthen its efforts to combat firearms trafficking" ........

4/1/10 —  "We remain increasingly concerned that ongoing efforts to restrict or ban the civilian and private ownership of firearms taking place at the United Nations will severely restrict and frustrate the lawful international commerce in sporting firearms and ammunition products and undermine the United States' national sovereignty and America's cherished firearms freedoms protected by the Second Amendment and our hunting and shooting sports heritage,"  Read this archived article, including the PDF that is linked to within.

12/29/09 — An allied item, which was obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, comprising an August 2009 set of recommendations from your favorite interfering "Mayors Against Illegal Guns", Bloomberg of course ever prominent. Read this and remind yourself what we continue to be up against.

From the October 23rd 2009 alert we pointed you to an open letter written to Kenneth Melson of BATFE (acting director), pointing out the The Firearms Owners' Protection Act, signed into law in 1986, specifically forbids registration of firearms records at 18 U.S.C. 926(a).

From the October 26th 2009 alert we referred to a Hilary Clinton State Department item on eTrace, archived here on JPFO. Over thirty foreign governments and thousands of police agencies can access the BATFE registration records to find firearms owned by Americans under the guise of tracing "crime guns".

From the October 27th 2009 alert we reproduced an article sent us by email from a retired Police Commander. He goes into further depth about the extent and ramifications of this system.

To add to this we received an excellent article on October 29th 2009, which follows on from and expands on the content of the open letter to Kenneth Melson.  It is detailed and well researched, covering most aspects of the way BATFE is and has been documenting and recording your gun data.

A further addition (11/4/09) is this article originating from the Democratic Party of New Jersey, from August 2007 - adding further credence that gun registration is indeed well entrenched.

11/13/09 alert – A JPFO supporter who opposes national registration of American's firearms has created a letter for concerned gun owners to send to politicians who claim to be Second Amendment supporters.

11/16/09 – We received some comments following the above alert of Nov 13th - two of these can be found on this page.  One is forthright and pulls no punches - the other is a modified version of the letter referred to above.

11/23/09 – Information received concerning ATF Ruling 2008-2 and its significance.


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