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Claire Wolfe hit the Internet back in 1996 with 101 Things to do 'Til the Revolution, which was followed by several other books. She came to the attention of JPFO's founder, Aaron Zelman, and became one of his main writing partners for seven years. Together they authored The State vs the People and the young-adult novel RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone. She is the author of The Freedom Outlaw's Handbook (successor to 101 Things), writes a monthly column in S.W.A.T. magazine and blogs regularly at Backwoods Home.

In Praise of an Uncompromising Bastard
Aaron Zelman, JPFO's late, great founder, was a man of uncompromising principles. He wouldn't have yielded a millimeter on some things …… Read more

Oh, the Things We Choose Not to See!
A week ago, most likely you'd never heard of Ferguson, Missouri. Now, you're probably sick of hearing about the aftermath of policeman Darren Wilson's killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown -- events that spotlighted Ferguson as an example of police militarization …… Read more

For Life and Freedom: Break the Rules?
Lee Silverman defied company policy. He walked right past "no guns" signs and carried a sidearm into his office. It's a good thing he did. If he hadn't, who knows how many people would have died …… Read more

How a calamitous century helped win us our rights
A detailed look at the seventeen hundreds and how over time in various ways freedoms increased - even to the point where the importance of being armed is noted and being free to be able to effectively resist even unjust power …… Read more

Dispatch from the Future
A satire, inspired by an encounter with a strident hoplophobe who wanted to ban all guns and put all gun owners in prison (or worse) …… Read more

The Good Guys and Their Guns
Claire was so "impressed" by some video footage of two inept criminals trying to rob a jewelry store that she was moved to write poetry. JPFO articles aren't usually set to rhyme, but we know you'll enjoy her account of various criminal misdeeds of the last few years -- and the brave gun owners who put a stop to them …… Read more

What We Owe Ourselves Alone
We gun owners get a lot of criticism from people who hate us. They don't know us, don't know the facts about guns, don't want to look at the real issues. Yet they subject us to a constant barrage of insults like "terrorist," "racist," "gun nut," "murderer," and "violent moron," along with other slights …… Read more

Kill Privacy -- Kill Gun Rights
Gun rights have long been my heart's cause. As with many of you, my line in the sand is drawn around the right to own and use firearms. But it's the Fourth Amendment, not the Second, that I keep as my email signature …… Read more

What to do When the "Moms" and their Monied Minions are Getting You Down
Claire takes a look at various worries concerning loss of rights, but also counters with various ways of trying to deal with it all …… Read more

"Terroristic" Dress-code Violations and Other Threats to Gun Ownership
If news reports are accurate, hysterical fear of "terrorism" has just reached a new low. Two dozen middle schoolers were suspended because of wishing to resist school dress code …… Read more

Willful Ignorance
Why do so many people choose ignorance? In debating anti-freedom people it becomes all too apparent that so many spout arguments based on varying degrees of ignorance, which often negates any credibility …… Read more

Unintended Consequences and the Difference Between Us and Them
One of the most intriguing things about them is that they're often so easy to predict -- at least for people not directly involved in the disastrous decisions. Such was the case with two recent choices, one made by anti-gunners and one made by pro-gunners …… Read more

MORAL PANIC: Implanting anti-weapon hysteria in future generations
That phrase hit me this week with the latest anti-weapon idiocy -- North Dakota State University forcing its fencing club off campus because the blunted blades, usable only for sport, violated "weapons policy." Well, such bigoted follies are hardly news these days …… Read more

Operation Choke Point Threatens Both Guns and Common Decency
It was announced as an operation to prevent fraudsters from getting into innocent people's bank accounts. What could be more noble? What could possibly go wrong? As it turns out there's nothing noble about it and a lot is already going wrong …… Read more

Blooming Dishonesty
When Michael Bloomberg announced he was putting $50 million into a "grassroots" gun-control group, he surely intended to send chills of dread down gun owners' spines. Instead, we laughed …… Read more

Good Reads for the Second Amendment
We're doing something a little different. So much great information and so many helpful links available, we've decided to compile a small assortment of articles for your reading pleasure …… Read more

A Giant Has Awoken: Resistance in the Blue Zone
They're burning registration forms! They're rallying by the thousands. They're pledging civil disobedience. They are the gun owners of the bluest blue states …… Read more

Women and Guns, Women and Freedom
I am a woman of a certain age. When I look back on my first gun purchase, I shake my head. I was maybe 21 at the time -- and scared. Several teenage girls and young women had been stabbed to death within miles of my home …… Read more

Neither Smart Nor Safe: Holder, His Cronies, and "Smart Guns"
Here we go again. Another "wonderful scheme" is being cooked up supposedly to increase firearm safety - this time using electronic technology. As ever, it's only a cover for an attempt for the federal government to gain more control, not to mention more tax dollars to fritter away …… Read more

You Can't Cure "Stupid."
But you can cure ignorance. You can't stop liars from lying or elitists from scheming to control their "inferiors." But you can expose the lies and show the elitists that we "inferiors" (that is, we proud, smart citizens and gun owners) are a powerful, determined, and well-informed force. An irresistible force …… Read more

The Good And The Bad Of Dianne Feinstein
You mean there's actually something good to say about notorious anti-gun U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein? Yep, there is. We'll get to that shortly. But first, the bad …… Read more

Man Gets Raided For Gun Tattoo
Because Smith has a tattoo of a gun on his belly. Somebody on the tree-cutting crew mistook it for a real pistol and called the cops. Fortunately, police didn't kick down Smith's door. They didn't shoot him. When they realized the "gun" was just a piece of body art, they didn't even arrest him …… Read more

Earlier material is shown below. Chronology may be variable and some old links may fail.

Second-Amendment Setup
(A Claire Wolfe collaboration with Aaron Zelman ). What they say isn't what you get. Many in authority like to 'massage' the Second Amendment so as to blur the details regarding the individual right, using the individual-rights position to pursue their old, familiar goals of limiting firearms ownership …… Read more

The Last of the BOHICANS
(A Claire Wolfe collaboration with Aaron Zelman ). How You've been conned into surrendering your gun rights and how you can turn the tables. "BOHICA!"screamed the e-mail alert. "Bend over, here it comes again!" It was a familiar story. Politicians were about to pull yet another colossal act of betrayal …… Read more

You'll be Freer and Richer in the Bill of Rights Culture
(A Claire Wolfe collaboration with Aaron Zelman and Richard Stevens) - Part Two "he Magic of Principles" -- It's actually pretty simple. A Bill of Rights Culture is one in which governments have strictly limited delegated authority while individual people have a vast realm of rights. Some of those rights are spelled out in the Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution …… Read more

You'll be Freer and Richer in the Bill of Rights Culture
(A Claire Wolfe collaboration with Aaron Zelman and Richard Stevens) - Part One "The Vision" -- a comparison of what was, in the past ,and what could be in the future if there were stiff limits on government. oday matters are very different -- and getting worse. We're surrounded by police-state "security" measures that do little to make us safe but a lot to make us feel humiliated, bullied, and spied upon …… Read more

Reach Out for the Bill of Rights
(A Claire Wolfe collaboration with Aaron Zelman ). Your best friends might be on the other side of the political spectrum. Events of the last few years have brought about even more complex philosophical alignments, further blurring the lines between right, left, liberal, libertarian, conservative …… Read more

Kick Your Victim Addiction
(A Claire Wolfe collaboration with Aaron Zelman ). Victim Addiction isn't yet listed in the psychiatrists' Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. The media haven't discovered it. Congress hasn't allocated millions of dollars to treat it - and probably never will …… Read more

Can the Second Amendment and Social Security coexist?
(A Claire Wolfe collaboration with Aaron Zelman ). A bomb is ticking. The bomb wasn't built by terrorists. The bomb was built by government. We're talking about the coming collapse of social security …… Read more

The FAIRTAX: a trojan horse for America?
(A Claire Wolfe collaboration with Aaron Zelman ). "Abolish the IRS!" So goes the cry. And who could disagree? The income tax is unAmerican in the most profound way, punishing people for being successful …… Read more

When Left and Right Unite Against Our Freedoms, We're Hosed
(A Claire Wolfe collaboration with Aaron Zelman ). If we are foolish enough to look at politicians and lobbyists words, rather than at their actions, then nothing will stop their twisting the English language and betraying our trust …… Read more

Instant Inspiration: "I Will Live Free"
(A Claire Wolfe collaboration with Aaron Zelman ). Announcement of release of music "I will live Free" - find our Freedom Music here …… Read more

Taxing Away Our Rights
(A Claire Wolfe collaboration with Aaron Zelman ). If you're a typical American, you pay more in taxes than you pay for your mortgage, car payment, and groceries combined. It wasn't always this way. Taxation is destroying many wonderful aspects of life in America …… Read more

Out of the Gray Zone
(A Claire Wolfe collaboration with Aaron Zelman ). A New Adventure Novel. He's just a kid. Trapped in a world where everybody is watched. All the time. Where everything is controlled "for your own good." Where dreams are dulled with drugs. Where there's no way out. But Jeremy wasn't made to be controlled …… Read more


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