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David Codrea is a field editor at GUNS Magazine, penning their monthly "Rights Watch" column. He provides regular reporting and commentary at Gun Rights Examiner and blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance.

Lawyers for Lawlessness, Doctors for Death
Eight health organizations, notably the American College of Physicians, are joining with the American Bar Association to demand more "gun control" in a "Call to Action" - their recommendations' are somewhat predictable …… Read more

Cartoon demonization of gun owners recalls an earlier target
The Nazis back in the day were prolific with cartoons, particularly denigrating the Jews - reminiscent of those are current attempts made through cartoons to attack gun owners …… Read more

Preaching to the Choir
"Just because someone agrees with gun rights they have earned the right to be considered choir members." This is a premise that should be rejected -- 'earned' is needing some clarification …… Read more

Gun-Grabbers Keep Pushing Deception Masked as Settled Truth
Once again we see how the 'antis' can ramp up the deception level - using their own agenda to present 'facts', which of course are severely flawed for their own purposes …… Read more

'One Percenters' may find escape leads to trap of their own making
It may not seem likely now, but come the time when fearful elites seek escape, it may turn out the Three Percenters, who will not disarm, will end up a lot better off than the One Percenters …… Read more

Gumbel hatred for 'pig' gun owners not uncommon for establishment sports media
The hatred spewed towards gun owners by some in the sports media seems to know no bounds. …… Read more

Je Suis Humain
Codrea looks at the effects of citizen disarmament in France, as well as the increasing trend towards European anti-semitism …… Read more

Are you a JPFO force multiplier?
I've always considered apathy as great a threat to the right to keep and bear arms as outright anti-gun activism, probably even more so, because while "they" have billionaire funding, "we" have the numbers …… Read more

A New York State of Mind
Perhaps when enough citizens realize the police can't protect them and won't allow them to protect themselves, their attitudes and political choices will change, or at least their inclination against proud and defiant civil disobedience …… Read more

When in Mumbai
Plenty of foreigners raised in cultures that do not recognize a right to keep and bear arms have taken up residence here, and many have made a point of broadcasting their hostility to the Second Amendment, and their advocacy of edicts to eviscerate it, demanding that U.S. gun laws conform to those of their native country …… Read more

Kapos for Kristallnacht
"The Pitchforks Are Coming... For Us Plutocrats," Seattle-based "One-Percenter" Nick Hanauer writes in an open letter on Politico to his "fellow zillionaires." He's evidently feeling more than a little guilty about his wealth, plus, he thinks he can keep the mob he fears his fellow Americans have become from remaining armed. …… Read more

Duck and Cover
Michael Bloomberg's Moms Demand Action anti-gun propaganda campaign says: "We can't hide from gun violence," presented as a "powerful new ad," approaches parody itself in the glaring contradiction between claim and recommended course of action. …… Read more

Anti-gun bigot’s projection shows just who the true ignorant and fearful haters are
Mark Morford attributes record Black Friday gun sales to "scared white guys," it's fair to wonder who's really afraid -- along with why supposed champions of racial and sexual tolerance always seem to get so upset when there's not enough melanin or estrogen in the mix to suit their demands …… Read more

Negligent Gun Fatality Brings Out the 'Progressive' Hate
The report of a woman who negligently killed herself while mishandling a firearm has been illustrative of the way so-called "progressives" value human life when that life belongs to gun owners …… Read more

Israel needs more than temporary gun solution to stop "final" one
Israeli Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich is 'temporarily easing' gun laws following an attack on a Jerusalem synagogue by Palestinian terrorists that left four rabbis and a policeman dead and seven wounded. The question is - "is 'temporary' anywhere near enough"? …… Read more

Wireless 'gun-free zone' scientists prove intelligence no measure of common sense
A spoof concept within a new movie -- whereby 'Wireless-Delimited Secure Zones with Encrypted Attribute-Based Broadcast for Safe Firearms' is promoted …… Read more

Holder's 'idiot' comment shows another progressive contradiction
DOJ 'document dump' shows a continuation of a pattern of evasion, stonewalling, deception and obstruction that's defined the way Attorney General Eric Holder has continually thumbed his nose at the entire process since it began …… Read more

Violent 'anti-violence activists' demonstrate 'progressive' Opposite Day truism
It would seem that many "stop the violence" people are in fact guilty themselves of commiting some gross acts of violence. The hypocrisy demonstrated can be quite beyond belief …… Read more

Chances of honest cartel reporting 'Slim' to none
"No newspaper dares to publish the truth about the drug lords in Tamaulipas"... "Those who break the silence on Twitter and Facebook are marked for death." If there's anyone who should be able to stand up to the cartels, it's Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire …… Read more

Maybe more guns are needed on campuses to keep radical 'feminists' away
With some 'feminists' hating the thought of entering premises where guns might be carried, it seems that there are no safer places for them to be than those where defenselessness of human beings is mandated …… Read more

Houses of the Unholy
It was the International Day of Peace, celebrated a few weeks back by useful idiots from UN member nations at the behest of the General Assembly in its Declaration on the Right of Peoples to Peace …… Read more

The Hill departs from objectivity on restaurant "gun ban" story
"Major chains, such as Starbucks, Chipotle, Sonic, Chili's, Panera Bread and Target have all recently banned firearms from their stores," says The Hill. Too bad they're influencing readers with deliberate misinformation. …… Read more

Venezuela marks International Day of Peace with Orwellian contradiction
"Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro launched a nationwide disarmament program in Caracas over the weekend as the head of state tried to cap the alarming rates of violence endemic in his country, which has the second-highest homicide rate in the world behind Honduras" …… Read more

War Fort Gun Ban
Fort Laurens is the site of Ohio's only Revolutionary War fort -- a memorial those who risked, and sometimes gave all in defense of freedom and the Constitution. However, there is a sign prohibiting guns -- this violates every principle regarding the brave heroes who suffered and died fighting to secure liberty. …… Read more

Campaign to shame Kroger ignores real dangers
The intent of a billionaire-funded group is to shame the supermarket chain into changing its position -- from operating under prevailing state laws regarding lawful firearms carry, to mandating its customers be unarmed …… Read more

Wisconsin Virtual Learning shows virtual insanity on guns
An email from an 11-year-old student featuring a thumbnail avatar with a gun on an American flag resulted a rebuke from his student adviser instructing him to change it. Just another example of this crazy "zero tolerance' gone mad …… Read more

Lawsuit faults Gander Mountain for failure to read minds
"Will a Gun Retailer Get Away With Negligence?" Teresa Tritch of The New York Times asks.In fact this case is more posing the question of whether a dealer needs to be beyond psychic …… Read more

Armed black demonstrators display egalitarian diversity of right to arms
"We think that all black people have the right to self defense and self determination," demonstration organizer Huey Freeman said in an on-camera interview. …… Read more

"Progressive" philosopher upholds Opposite Day truism
Philosophy has its root in a Greek word meaning "love of wisdom" and it's supposed to address problems by relying on rational arguments. So how typical, that the absence of wisdom and rationality in Weinstein's premise provides yet another proof of the truism that for "progressives," every day is Opposite Day ……

Anti-gun Oregon pediatrician shows deadly ignorance outside of specialty
All about a physician presuming to be competent to authoritatively advise patients on gun safety without any more qualifications to do so than the average Demanding Mom. "Americans must stop carrying guns, revise Second Amendment," says Lake Oswego pediatrician Perry Grossman …… Read more

Why Not Offer a 'Third Way' to Let Doctors Ask About Guns?
"Pediatricians Have the Right to Ask About Guns," Russell Saunders, a "pseudonym for a pediatrician in New England [who] writes about medicine, gay rights issues and popular culture" asserts in his latest offering to...uh...at The Daily Beast …… Read more

What Would Happen if "Battle of Athens" Round Two Ever Becomes Necessary?
A massive military build-up is underway in Tennessee - local law enforcement agencies are snatching up huge amounts of weapons. David wonders just how a second "Battle of Athens" would shape up …… Read more

The Biggest Public Health Threat is Government
Seemingly bent on pulling out all stops to deny our "Liberty" and "pursuit of Happiness," recent headlines show bureaucrats doing their best to obliterate the "Life" part of our unalienable rights …… Read more

'Gun Death' Rate Scams Designed to Defraud Public Out of Rights
A 'report' on New Jersey's 101.5 WKXW-FM Radio is really nothing more than regurgitated gun-grabber talking points, in spite of making sure the story making these claims holds the headline spot on their home page at this writing …… Read more

Gun "Buyback" Endangers Public in Order to Score Political Points
What more can be said about this fiasco in New Haven? We know that Mayor Toni Harp is part of Michael Bloomberg's coalition demanding guns they don't control be made illegal …… Read more

Connecticut Gun Commission Exhibits Mental Issues of Its Own
They want to "[r]equire that any shell casing for ammunition sold or possessed in Ct. have a serial number laser etched on same for tracing purposes," and "[t]hat a mental health suitability screening process be developed for anyone seeking a license to sell, purchase or carry any type of firearm in Ct" …… Read more

Minority Gun Owners Share No "Stigma of Violence"
"Minority Gun Owners Face Balancing Act, Weighing Isolation and Stigma of Violence," Tanzina Vega wrote in a New York Times report on non-whites - David investigates …… Read more

Tell people who've saved their lives with a gun "It never happens"
"In other words, merely possessing the means of self-defense -- forget about actually engaging in it -- is the equivalent of hunting down, capturing and executing someone without benefit of a trial in Shannon's mind" …… Read more

Holder reanimates "Frankenstein monster"
David reports on a new open letter Mike Vanderboegh has sent to Eric Holder -- writing about reports that the Department of Justice is putting together a task force "to combat an 'escalating danger' from 'homegrown' terrorists within the United States" …… Read more

'Star Power' Explains Double Standard on Guns
A look at Hollywood celebrities and their likelehood to have armed protection -- compared with the classic 'gun-free-zones' seen in schools and colleges etc …… Read more

Author, Hollywood screenwriter and veteran says he could kill again over guns
Following on from the latest anti-gun Esquire screed by Lt. Col. Robert Bateman, we see a social media comment from Top Commenter Thomas Cleaver, who recalled. "I asked him 'If I get a gun, will it be OK to shoot you? …… Read more

Nigerian people caught in perfect storm of tyranny and terrorism
Analysing the Nigerian situation with girls kidnapped by Boko Haram, Islamification, and President Goodluck Jonathan's government which embraces "gun control" …… Read more

UK 'journalists' epitomize snotty attitude toward U.S. gun owners
The snotty attitude toward U.S. gun owners, famously exemplified by unwelcome import Piers Morgan, is alive and well in the British press …… Read more

Bust the myth that police are the 'Only Ones' who can be trusted with guns
Law enforcement does not always have too good a record regarding firearms incidents - compare that with civilian gun carriers who for the most part have a better record and better training …… Read more

Government supremacist uses hate term to push citizen disarmament
"Have we gone stark raving mad?" E. J. Dionne, Jr. asks in his latest hoplophobic Washington Post hit piece against the human right to keep and bear arms …… Read more

FBI search for domestic menace fails to account for own threat
It's hardly eyebrow-raising to read reports that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is systematically visiting gun shops in the hopes of identifying customers "talking about big government" …… Read more

Whatever Supreme Court decides in gun carry case, infringements will continue
SCOTUS apparently (temporarily?) kicked the can down the road in Drake v. Jerejian, a New Jersey case considering the 2A right to carry handguns outside the home for self-defense …… Read more

Flyers calling for registration of Jews in Ukraine provide chilling reminder of past
Jews in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk where pro-Russian militants have taken over government buildings, were told they have to 'register' with the Ukrainians …… Read more

Kansas Jewish facility shootings show 'Never again' must be more than words
"No guns" again helps a slaughter - as a Jew hater kills two at a Jewish Community Center - but they were not Jewish …… Read more

Paper's call for mutual tolerance ignores its own attacks on gun owners
"Can't we all get along?" -- a Hartford Courant's editorial that falsely tried to claim the high ground while ignoring the paper's own culpability for widening a gulf they insincerely bemoan …… Read more

Military officer calls for nationwide gun-grab
A firestorm has been started on Esquire's The Politics Blog with a Tuesday opinion piece by Lt. Col. Robert Bateman -- a dedicated gun hater …… Read more

Biometric 'Skyfall' gun neither new nor 'smart'
No one is saying such technology may not have applications, as long as it is a personal choice, and even then, the superior one would be for the human operator to get more training …… Read more

An Open Letter to NRA's Wayne LaPierre on Project Gunwalker
(Reposted from Examiner.com) -- questions ask why NRA has not fully investigated the 'Gunwalker' scandal …… Read more

Gun 'Buybacks' Endanger Citizens, Help Crooks and Crooked Officials
The entire business of encouraging citizens to turn in guns for "gift cards" (again a misnomer, since it's an exchange, not a present) endangers participants and can actually enable criminals …… Read more

JPFO's "David and Goliath Award" 2011!
David Codrea, along with Mike Vanderboegh, of Sipsey Street Irregulars, are awarded the JPFO "David &' Goliath Award …… Read more

David Codrea Exposes NRA Political Hanky-Panky
Three articles (Examiner.com links) by David Codrea, which expose the political hanky-panky that continues at the NRA …… Read more

Is it anti-Semitic to say so if gun grabbers really are "bagel brained"?
We've been following for some time attempts by the Southern Poverty Law Center, among other "progressive" groups, to paint those of us who wish to live free as "haters" …… Read more

Government dismisses charge against gun owner
The government has thrown in the towel in its prosecution of Albert Kwok-Leung Kwan for possession of a short barreled rifle …… Read more

Holder tells Senate Committee Justice Department supports more 'gun control'
In unmistakably clear admissions before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Nov. 18, Attorney General Eric Holder signaled strong administration support for additional "gun control" edicts …… Read more

Attorney General Holder Reveals Aggressive Gun Control In Response to Ft. Hood Terror Attack
Before the Senate Judiciary Committee November 18th, 2009, Attorney General Eric Holder revealed a stunningly broad and aggressive anti-gun agenda …… Read more

Interview with David Codrea, author of the online blog "War on Guns"
On 'Talkin' to America' - David is interviewed by Aaron Zelman, January 5th 2007 (sound file) …… Read more

California's Ministry of Dissent Suppression
Victims Petition Supreme Court. Can the state destroy your life by an administrative ruling, without a jury trial, declaring that your Eighth Amendment rights have been waived against your will? …… Read more


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