Jews and "Gun Control"

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Of Weapons and Wickedness: The Virginia-Tech Massacre.

Does Civilian Ownership of Firearms Actually Do Any Good? (PDF file).

America’s Worst Anti-Jewish Action - Hatred of Jews so widely felt among the Union forces.

Never Again (anonymous)

Some Judaic sources on the right to bear arms by Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe.

Forced Relocation and How Government "Protects" It’s Subjects From Themselves (Whether They Want It To Or Not) by Stacy Norton

At What Point Does Paranoia Become Prudence? by Chuck Klein.

The Torah and Self-Defense by David Kopel. Published in the Penn State Law Review, the article shows how the Torah (the first five books of the Bible) and the rabbinical commentaries upon it clearly support an individual right to self-defense that includes using deadly force when necessary. (PDF file).

The Kielce Pogrom. A Wikipedia entry on the Kielce Pogram, a post-WWII pogram in Poland, during which dozens of Jews were massacred, after first being disarmed.

The Stroop Report. A first-hand account of the Warsaw Ghetto resistance, as told by the SS officer in charge.

Jews and "Gun Control": Fear of Freedom or Freedom from Fear?.

Jews in the Civil War an extensive collection of information.

The Beast Reawakens: A Personal Challenge to All Jews to Defend Themselves, by Aaron Zelman.

A Letter To My Haredi Neighbor (on the necessity of self-defense), by Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok. (PDF file).

Do Jewish "leaders" want us all to be victims?

Jews and Guns by Chuck Morse (reprinted from the Sierra Times)

The Jew FAQ - Judaism 101.


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