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Innocents Betrayed



This is a very disturbing movie. Not because of the images — by now most educated persons probably know that 20th Century governments butchered 200 million or more people — but because of the blunt and matter–of–fact way it illustrates some of the precursors to genocide. Intellectually I understood the historical connection between authoritarian states, civilian disarmament, and genocide but now I understand it viscerally as well. From the first time I saw that roving gun sight until the final credits this documentary alternately horrified and enraged me. However, not everyone will finish this film feeling thoughtful. It does challenge some fundamental assumptions people make about genocide but I think that is a good thing. Pretty darned good for a movie with only a $90,000 budget.

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Innocents Betrayed shows what happens when ordinary people allow themselves to become powerless and give all of their trust to central authorities. Here’s a fact that very few people know: the central authorities (usually known as the governments) killed more men, women and children in the 20th Century than did all of the wars combined. That’s correct: 170,000,000 people were murdered by their own governments; in most cases, the victims had no power to defend themselves.

Most people have heard of the Nazi Holocaust — but few know much about the massive genocides of Soviet Russia, China, Cambodia, Uganda and Guatemala. Only because of the recent film, Hotel Rwanda, do more people know about the calculated mass murder there — Innocents Betrayed came out 2 years before Hotel Rwanda! The second half of the film shifts focus from the world’s genocides to the American experience with citizen powerlessness. Viewers may be quite surprised ... I won’t give it away.

Innocents Betrayed includes a lot of still photo and video materials, and enough facts and figures to prove its point. This is not a stodgy "educational video" by any means — the stories move steadily with appropriate voice–over and music, so that viewers can follow them. As the end approaches, however, the pacing picks up quite dramatically.

I’ve seen the film several times: I am always stunned and amazed at the end. And very motivated to prevent such atrocities from happening again. See it — lend it to others — talk about it. Be part of the generation that says "never again" and means it.

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Unless you are into politics and history, you won’t really ’want’ to see this movie like it is any other film.. treat it like what it is – a documentary. It is a very important documentary, because people must learn about what happened in the past, so they can prevent recurrences of past tragedies in the future. It is important that people see this movie so that they are more educated, and aware of the significance of the gun debate. Gun rights and the 2nd amendment isn’t about hunting or sportsmen, although those are both perfectly legitimate activities. The real purpose behind the 2nd amendment gets discussed in this movie, and the film will reveal to any intelligent person who enjoys history and understands why it is important why gun control must be rejected.

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Congratulations....a job well done. I have the film on VHS and will be showing it next month to a group of military and police officers in my area....most are pro gun ownership but the info in the film is excellent....

T.R. Buchenauer
2nd Vice President
Royal United Services Institute
of Vancouver

[comments above express Maj. Buchenauer’s opinions and not necessarily those of the RUSI Vancouver....]


The feeling that people experienced was a feeling of outrage. How can this happen, how can this be allowed to happen? There is also a feeling of outrage against the people who work to ban gun ownership for in the end they are true partners in evil. In fact, as they attempt to use the courts against gun owners, someone suggested that we should turn the tables and sue them, with the legitimate claim that they aide and abet mass murder.

Robert J. Avrech


I am a JEW, and proud of it. My parents were both from Europe, and migrated to what would become the state of Israel, just before world war two came to an end. My father fought beside Menacham Begin in the Irgun to help liberate Palistine and to make it into the state of Israel.

My mother wrote in her memoris that she was a Zionist, and was proud of that fact. I was brought up knowing what people went through from being opperssed, and without having anything that they could defend themselves with.
I am now 60 years old, but never have forgotten what my upbringing was, andwill always respect myself as being a JEW. I am a certified firearmsinstructor. I have given quite a bit of courses involving all of mydisciplines, and have made it a point to show your video, Innocents Betrayed.

This is a very powerful and informative source of information of what can,and does happen when honest law abiding people are disarmed. History doesrepeat itself, it has always happened, and will most likely continue tohappen.
I am by nature a peaceful man who just wants to live that way.Unfortunately, there are those that don’t feel this way, and I pray that weas both Americans, and JEWS will not reap the effects of such.
Marty G.


As a former 15–year police officer, firearms instructor and gun–rights advocate, I must say after viewing one of the copies of Innocents Betrayed, that this is the best gun rights film I’ve seen yet. If there was only a way to show this film nationwide on some major networks... Everyone, especially the gun grabbers and politicians, needs to see this film. Thanks,

Don Breland
Walker, La.


Innocents Betrayed ... nails [the] horror of gun control throughout history & NOW. Buy one & share it with everyone!! FIGHT with me won’t ya! This is KILLER truth ammo!! [T]o be unarmed is to be helpless in the face of evil. JPFO’s Innocents Betrayed is the ultimate documentation and representation of this harsh reality and should be studied by all people who cherish freedom and our duty to self defense.

Ted Nugent
Rock star and outdoorsman


"The fact that genocides have only been successfully perpetrated against unarmed civilians cannot be overstated. ’Innocents Betrayed’ will knock the wind out of any claimthat the world will be safer when all civilians are disarmed.

"This stunning, one–hour video (or DVD) has the power to reshape one’s view of government monopoly of force and the responsibility citizens must exercise in order to preserve themselves."

Dr. Paul Gallant and Dr. Joanne Eisen
Guns & Ammo, May 2004


One of the strengths of Innocents Betrayed is that it reminds you that genocide wasn’t a rare event in the last century. It didn’t just happen once or twice. It happened again and again. I guess you could say that humans are slow learners. ... My wife calls [Innocents Betrayed] the Prozac video; after you watch it you’ll want to visit the pharmacy for antidepressants and a gun store to make sure, "Never Again."

Clayton E. Cramer
Neal Knox Report (column in Shotgun News)


[Innocents Betrayed] depicts the perilous folly of willful defenselessness and, better than any other American gun lobby has done to date, explains why those who dismiss our Second Amendment as a governmental permission slip for sportsmen are idiots. ... Innocents Betrayed is the best information you can share with non–readers who believe in gun control.

Shotgun News


Every chance I get when speaking to individuals about firearms, I always mention your organization, and give the website. ... And thank you for the great film, Innocents Betrayed. I had a gathering at my home, and showed it to both defenders and non–defenders. Both were just blown away with the content, history, and the theme of the film.

Jean Carbonneau
JPFO supporter


A powerful film that shows, again and again, the inevitable result of gun control. Not a pleasant film to watch, but very well done. This movie has the capability of getting through to most of the anti–RKBA individuals in this country. It also provides a good springboard to talk about other government abuses of power beyond firearms issues.

Nominating Innocents Betrayed as 2003 Documentary of the Year onMiss Liberty’s TV & Film Update


This documentary is one that all freedom–loving people in this country must see. Everyone involved in the production of the film is to be commended. I am so proud to have had a small part in its making.

I try to show the film to all who come to my house. Innocents Betrayed depicts the horrors of what happens because of gun control, but what scares me just as much as all that terrible inhumanity to man are the responses that I observed and heard from the young people. Responses such as: "Oh my God, did that really happen?," or, "Wow! is that really true?," or "We were never told anything like that," or "We don’t hear this in school, it’s not in our history books."

I, for one, hope that we can change this lack of education and ignorance and bring about an awareness of the all–too–often overlooked and ignored evils of people being disarmed. This film will be a good start.

Thanks to Mr. Zelman, keep up the good work, and keep your powder dry,

Joe Fescina
Fayetteville, NC


Innocents Betrayed is extremely powerful and tells a story oftenoverlooked and ignored. It makes people aware of the risk in abdicatingpersonal responsibility for their own defense to any government. I also knowit has awoken many people to the need to protect and defend their 2ndamendment rights. Innocents Betrayed teaches history and provides theintellectual ammunition required to help fight the battle to retain ourconstitutional right to keep and bear arms. It will save lives.

Ron Weiss


Innocents Betrayed has an important message for America. It shows why gun control must always be rejected, and it shows it very convincingly.

Rep. Ron Paul
U.S. Congressman (Texas, 14th District)


Most people in the freedom–loving community will agree with my fervent hope that the battle for liberty will be won using the ballot box, not the cartridge box. To forestall use of the cartridge box approach, the essence of the war becomes a political war. As Lyndon Johnson said, all politics is local—this is a war for the hearts and minds of those who cast ballots.

In politics, it is said, the audience is properly divided into the Saints, the Sinners, and the Savables. The Saints are those who already agree with you, and it’s a mistake to squander scarce and finite resources campaigning to them. The Sinners are those so entrenched and vested that their minds cannot be changed by any reasonable means. The Savables are those who will listen to a good argument, be swayed by a good argument, and who decide elections. These are the people upon whom the forces of persuasion should be focused.

So, the great task for those of us involved in the political war for the right to keep and bear arms, the Saints, is to bring the Savables into our camp.

There is no better single tool available today for this purpose than Innocents Betrayed. For those of us determined to forestall use of the cartridge box by using the ballot box in support of freedom, Innocents Betrayed is the Howitzer available to us in this political war.

Get a copy. Get multiple copies. Show it to the Savables, the Kiwanis Club, the PTA, high school classes, and any other audience that contains Savables. Use it to energize other Saints to spread the message and renew their commitment to effective political action.

JPFO has provided the tool. Now it is up to others to use that tool.

Gary Marbut, president

Author, Gun Laws of Montana


The most important documentaries that I have seen in the past year are Bowling for Columbine and Innocents Betrayed. They are in opposition yet similar in many ways. Both caused me to revisit their points as I watch the evening news. Both had professional production value. Both had fine graphics (Columbine even had cartoons. )

Even so, Bowling for Columbine left me wanting. Mike Moore asked more questions than he offered answers. I was also disappointed in some of Moore’s tactics. Mr. Heston (as former head of the NRA) should be able to verbally parry with anyone about the lack or excess of gun control, but I couldn’t help but get the feeling that Heston was a little blind–sided by Moore. Also, I didn’t appreciate Moore’s cheap shot of leaving the picture of the deceased child outside Heston’s property.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Michael Moore. I enjoyed his television show and his books. And as an American jealously guarding my liberties, I demand my freedom to hear his point of view. However, when I hear "documentary" I expect some un–theatrical presentation of events. You know, like monks routinely collecting bat guano from caves south of the equator or about harvesting noodles from Pasta trees in Italy. But today, a rambling stream of images, man on the street opinions and disjointed audio can qualify as a documentary.

Last week, I watched Innocents Betrayed and immediately saw the difference between the two documentaries. Innocents Betrayed matched the traditional spirit of a documentary. It relentlessly posed the question, "What happens when the citizens are disarmed?" Unlike Moore’s film, Innocents Betrayed steps up to the plate and answers loudly and clearly in example after historic example. "When citizens are disarmed, oppression follows."

Zelman makes it very, very easy to put his documentary to the veracity test. All you need to do is ask yourself, "Has there ever been a population that was disarmed and was better off for it?" If you can answer "yes," then you have discovered a flaw to Innocents Betrayed . If you answer "no" then you have proven Aaron Zelman’s point. It is just that simple.

Don’t take my word for it. Watch both films and decide for yourself.

Dale Newman


I just wanted to tell you how proud I am to have been a part ofproducing Innocents Betrayed . The documentary is fantastic! Everyone involved in its production is to be commended for its excellence. "Great Job!" I just hope we can get everyone in the entire country to view it. It’s a must see film!

James Sumrow
New Mexico, USA


I just wanted to send you a note in regards to the film Innocents Betrayed . Tim Schmidt, the publisher of Concealed Carry Magazine, gave me the DVD to watch last evening. First of all, I think your presentation is wonderful! Second, people truly don’t understand the history of these cultures in relation to the governments’ manipulative force. I found the information impressive; in that, it steps completely beyond the generalized textbooks to differentiate between reality and schooling today that teaches the children that our government is the only force that keeps us standing. I sincerely hope that this film would be shown in schools; students may be able to expand their views beyond the classroom textbooks, to realize that the government has killed us all and everyone needs to stand up to do something about protecting ourselves.

Excellent job! I will tell all to watch...

Maria D’Amato
Managing Editor
Concealed Carry Magazine
Delta Media, LLC


Recently I had the opportunity to sit down and watch your video. I must say that it definitely left an impression on me.

Never once did I get bored watching it. I learned of many things that I had not known before. I believe your choice of pictures used was very well choosen. The images stay with one and when I hear of certain situations I can pictures these incidences in my mind. What a shame that more of the public doesn’t have the opportunity to see it. I commend you on a job well done. The message is clear. Now we just need more messengers. You did an excellent job, as I know that money was tight for this project. Keep up the good work.



Hi ... proud member here,just wanted to say I purchased the Innocents Betrayed , whew, what a history lesson! I knew of the genocides, but not the "full" reason why, very sad for us to have let these horrible thingshappen, some we knew not until too late, should never happen again, anywhere!Wished I could have given more to this film’s making, but will surely be givingmore if and when I can. I like everything your organization does and stands for, continue doing the good that you do.

M. Makinson


Per our phone conversation this morning, I am writing to you to expressthe impact the film Innocents Betrayed had on a friend of my wife. Her friend is a Japanese National who firmly believed that the right to ownfirearms was not a right that people should have. I did not push her toomuch but I explained the right of self defense, the Founding Fathers andtheir position and played the film Innocents Betrayed . Her positionimmediately changed when she realized how vulnerable a society becomes whenit is disarmed. Now she is reading The Seven Myths of Gun Control andalthough she is not yet prepared to own a firearm she is prepared todiscuss the importance not having this right taken away.

David Molina


Congratulations on Innocents Betrayed , an excellent, horrifyingdocumentary portraying ordinary people’s faith in faceless government toprotect and guide them. Yet showing how often this faith is misguided andgovernment/or dictated power seek only to control or manipulate them bydisarming them. It seems as if the lessons of a century of holocausts meannothing. As is stated in the interviews at the end of the documentary, guncontrol prior to a holocaust is never taught in school. It seems to betaught nowadays as a panacea to all societys’ ills.

Innocents Betrayed is a very useful "tool" in "debunking" gun control and its close associate public safety as truly the dangerous myths they are. This video/DVD can only serve to silence the dangerous notion that only the police and army should have access to firearms as the police and army were, as an instrument of government/whoever was in power instrumental in carrying out these holocausts. At last something that appeals to the general laziness of individuals nowadays to inform themselves of the facts of a subject such as "gun control". They don’t need to read a book or visit the library to research facts. They can obtain a copy of Innocents Betrayed just put it into the video/DVD sit back and watch.To deny anything on this video would be to deny history and the truth. Individuals, who–so–ever they may be and wherever they live have a right to own firearms for their defense.

The American Second Amendment is a precious right; guard it well.

Very well done JPFO.

Charles Ross
Severly disabled from Scotland


You all did a fantastic job on Innocents Betrayed . Very professional and compelling. Bringing to life the human cost of "gun control" in a way no mere book can, IB is a major piece of intellectual armament in the war against tyranny. I’m very proud to have been a contributor to such a worthy and important documentary.

Boston T. Party


The film certainly points out the fact that armed people are citizens, andunarmed people are subjects. The unfortunate fact that in America politiciansare trying to infringe on our rights spelled out by our forefathers in theconstitution shows their intention for total control.

I recommend that everyone in the firearms industry watch the film. Ourliving is at stake, but more importantly, our freedom is on the line.

Len Savage
Historic Arms L.L.C.
1486 cherry Rd.
Franklin, GA 30217
(706) 675–0287


The following poem was written by Brandi Whitney, age 14,after her father, JPFO member Devon Whitney, showed "Innocents Betrayed" to his family and friends. The poem is (c) 2003 byBrandi Whitney and may be reproduced only if it includes thisentire paragraph before the poem.


People ask me what my view is
And what I think is senseless
So I found a way to put it straight–
I’m anti–self–defenseless!
I’m against each wrong infringement
Upon my human right
I despise each new restriction
Upon our only chance to fight
They take away protection
Calling it a "danger"
Leaving us just vulnerable
To some armed and random stranger
Self–defense is a birth–right
Life can never be denied
But still they treat us like we’re children
Not old enough to decide
So if you ask me what my view is
Or what I think is senseless
I’ll stand up proud and tell you
I’m anti–self–defense–less!!!

By Brandi Whitney


I have watched J.P.F.O.`s production, Innocents Betrayed 6times now, what with showing many others. The information itcontains is historically accurate. The means of citizendisarmament in this important film is identical to what ishappening in Canada right now. Self–defence and firearmsownership is currently CRIMINALIZED, while politicians andpolice remain above the law. Get a copy of Innocents Betrayed ,watch it MORE THAN ONCE, show everyone, and GET INVOLVED infighting gun control.

Phil Hewkin
Prince George, B.C., Canada
Board member, Law–Abiding Unregistered Firearms Association
1–780–406–8442 or toll free 1–877–944–5832


My copy of Innocents Betrayed arrived and I have watched it.I had an epiphany that has surprised me.

I’ve always thought of gun ownership in terms of the 2ndAmendment, or in terms of the US Constitution. My focus wastoo narrow.

Self defense is the most basic human right.

Anyone who would diminish this right is against people livingfree and full lives, no matter what other blandishments theyoffer. It’s just that simple.

Next step: Get my wife on the same page as I am about this.She’s nearly there.

Jeff Cauhape


I have been very active in the Pro Second Amendment movementfor several years. My husband has not been really supportiveof my activities, only tolerant, at best.

When I got a copy of Innocents Betrayed , and showed it tohim, he was very quiet at the end of the video. A bit later,he came to me, and said, "Honey, now I know what you arefighting for—I never thought about it in this lightbefore. That video really impacted me."

I was surprised, because he is usually a person who isreluctant to change his mind about anything—and this videodid change his way of thinking. If it can happen to my husband,it can happen to many more.

I certainly hope this film is viewed far and wide by Americansof every stripe! It is so well done, and pulls no punches—itsimply lays the facts out for all to see.

Thank you, Mr Zelman and JPFO.

Mari Thompson
Second Amendment Sisters


I had an epiphany, if gun control is so good then why doesn’t thegovernment disarm? Well, the answer to that question can be seenby watching the movie Innocents Betrayed . Millions and millionsof people murdered at the hands of their own government. We can notallow that to happen here. If the government feels that it mustprotect itself by being armed, then so must the people.

Thanks for opening my eyes.

A. Allbritain


I have always understood the importance for every citizens to keep arms.Seeing the horrific effects of citizen disarmament in Innocents Betrayedhas strengthened my resolve all the more. I used the film to educate mypro gun–control mother and she is now firmly on the side of the secondamendment admitting she never understood before. I urge everyone to shareInnocents Betrayed with their friends and family, this film truly changes hearts and minds.

Michael Webber
Ventura California


An overwhelming sense of dis–ease overcame me as I began watchingInnocents Betrayed. Questions of how can a people commit suchatrocities and how can vast masses of people allow themselves to be persecuted in such a manner surfaced with no obvious answer. The more profound source of my "state" was that those persecuted are no different than you or I.

We, in the United States, are largely a nation of citizens who fledthe persecution of our homelands. We desire to live under the laws ofpersonal responsibility, accountability and self–reliance as outlined in our Bill of Rights. It is these laws that give us the life, libertyand pursuit of happiness that so many have sacrificed to ensure.

We must remain diligent in the defense of our Constitution and notallow our Liberties to be restricted for "the good of the people". Onlywhere we are "dozing" can the way be paved for tyranny to flourish. "NeverAgain" has as much meaning today as it did 60 years ago and the apathy ofthe masses must be balanced with the determination of the common man.

Cory Steiner
Cherry Hill, NJ


I saw Innocents Betrayed last night. I thought it was terrific. You did a great job directing it. Congratulations! Now, if we could only find a way to get everybody to see it, so people could learn to stand up for themselves instead of being subjects to the state. All my best to you.Be proud of this accomplishment. Your friend in freedom forever,

Aaron Russo
Producer of Trading Places, The Rose, and Mad as Hell
Independent candidate for president, 2004


My mother was quite a Clinton fan. After my father and mother watched Innocents Betrayed , she asked me if I would teach her to handle and shoot a pistol. Safely of course.

Mark Zahler
Salt Lake City, UT


Innocents Betrayed, through graphic and poignant visual images and a well–crafted script, sets out the stark truths about the true evil of "gun–control." The film deals in depth and detail with the historical aspects of government gun–control as it has been repeatedly used in Germany, Russia, China, Cambodia, Rwanda and many other countries to render people defenseless as a prelude to government mass–murder. It tracks in the millions all of the people who have been slaughtered by their governments after having self–defense and guns being outlawed.

Tina Terry
Excerpt from the full review published at Strike The Rootand at The Sierra Times


All the gun–control geeks who mindlessly applauded Michael Moore’s dishonest Bowling for Columbine should be duct–taped to metal folding chairs and forced to watch Innocents Betrayed , a powerful new DVD documentary produced by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (www.jpfo.org). Will this film change their minds? Well, if it doesn’t make them squirm at some point, you can bet they’re too far entrenched in their dogma for any sort of conversion.

In 58 minutes, Innocents Betrayed shows how, in the last century, civilian disarmament led to the slaughter of more than 100 million people at the hands of their own governments. Russia, Germany, Cambodia, Uganda...the numbers are staggering and the photos, the faces are heartbreaking. "It can’t happen here," you say? Maybe Rosie O’Donnell believes that. After watching this documentary, most common–sense Americans won’t. This may seem a grisly Christmas gift, but it’s the perfect tool for that gun–rights activist in your family whose biggest challenge is getting his gun–toting pals to join the fight against gun–confiscation.

Wally Conger
in "An Anarchist’s 2003 Holiday Gift Guide"


Oh. My. God! I just received and played Innocents Betrayed this afternoon. One picture stands out (like the smoke rounding the corner on 9/11) that I will never forget: that of the plow pushing bodies ahead of it down the street. So callous and disrespectful of life—and I hear that same attitude in our government officials...

While theoretically convinced before I saw the film, now I am convinced emotionally—and actively. I wasn’t raised on guns, though I have wanted to shoot for many years, as a kid I was a tomboy playing cowboys and Indians with my male cousins, and in my teens even bought a BB rifle to practice with. But other choices like nursing drew me away from guns.

Alas, the practical aspects of what libertarianism means have come slowly over the years .... But when you reach this stage, you pretty much have to face reality, don’t you? So it’s time to learn to shoot.

Pat Taylor, R.N.
And that is the first goal I’m reaching for in the near future—toward living free.


Once in a while a book, video, magazine article or even an e–mail comesalong that should be read/viewed by everyone. Jews for the Preservation ofFirearms Ownership (JPFO), has, in a long line of such "must see/read"productions, done it again. Their latest video, Innocents Betrayed , not only factually and historically lays out the pattern of how governments have enslaved and controlled their peoples, but extrapolates how this applies to America today.

If members–of–the–choir passed a copy of this documentary of ultimategovernment abuse to members–of–the–tribe who have never listened to,muchless understood, our music; we might all end up singing the same tune.

Chuck Klein
Author of novels, police and firearm books


I’m an instructor for a Police Science course. I was loaned a copy ofInnocents Betrayed and showed it in the lecture portion of my Weapons class. ... This is an important topic for the students to be aware of. I try not to sway opinions in any of my classes so that students can formulate their own opinions. This is an area of exception for me because I feel so strongly about it and they know it. The video relayed factual historical data (I checked some of them out) and the conclusion is beyond debate. Thank you for producing such a well–made video that stirs the conscience.

Don Dorn



Yes Innocents Betrayed (IB) is grisly, inhuman and even obscene. I would rate the movie an R bordering on X. Yep, there is nudity galore. More nude people in this movie then probably any movie I have seen. Only thing is they are all dead. Shot, clubbed, hung, amputated...you get the point.

IB was filmed in such garden spots as Stalinist Ukraine, Hitler’s final solution camps, Cambodia, Rwanda and Idi Amin’s Ugandan paradise.

On this global tour you will see film and pictures I didn’t even know existed. Find out first hand what fun it is to trust your government with the guns.

Despite the "spare the viewer nothing" approach IB takes, I am convinced this movie should be mandatory showing from Junior High School on up. This is an important movie that I hope you take the time to see. My daughter is twelve, she’s going to do some growing up tonight watching IB.

Order from the Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership at: http://www.jpfo.org/ib–orders.htm

John Birch
President, Concealed Carry, Inc.


Innocents Betrayed
A Movie Review
by Jennifer Freeman

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
—George Santayana

This is the introductory quote to the dramatic documentary, Innocents Betrayed , recently released by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

Unlike Michael Moore’s crockumentary, Bowling for Columbine, Innocents Betrayed contains actual footage, photographs, and historic facts that demonstrates a definitive link between "gun control", firearm confiscation, and genocide.

The film covers nine examples that all followed a specific pattern, or recipe for disaster. The countries include: Ottoman Turkey, Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, China (Nationalist and Communist), Guatemala, Uganda, Cambodia, and Rwanda. In many cases the groundwork for people control was constructed years in advance by requiring firearm licenses and government reporting of firearm sales. The next ingredient was the identification and ostracization of a specific group of people within the society. In the United States we call this racism.

Once the "enemy" has been identified total bans on firearms are introduced and enforced. Confiscation is enforced. Genocide ensues.

By murdering a select group of the population, a crazed dictator or regime can now control the whole of the defenseless population without any real threat of opposition.

An excess of 50 million people suffered torture, indigation, mutiliation, and murder at the hands of governments gone out of control. An excess of 50 million people—gone.

And the United States is not immune. As a nation, acts of organized racism and genocide remains an ugly part of our history. A history we have struggled to correct for future generations, so that all Americans can engage in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Unfortunately, many Americans have been denied the right to self defense due to our existing firearms laws. Specific examples include Suzanna Gratia–Hupp, the Carpenter family, and the victims of the 9–11 hijackings. There are additional examples, however, and the list grows longer every day. We are not immune to the disastrous effects of "gun control."

Innocents Betrayed is a must–see for all Americans, regardless of their opinion, or lack thereof, on firearms. The film will educate, shock, and inspire a deeper understanding of the importance of actively preserving our liberties, especially our right to defense and firearm ownership.

Political power is out of the barrel of a gun.
—Mao Zedong

copyright © 2001–2003
Published by The Liberty Belles
Used by permission


The Ostrich’s Mantra

It can’t happen here? Again: It can’t happen here? Well, you just go ahead and keep repeating that mantra and see if it prevents what has already happened to 170,000,000 (one hundred seventy million) people on this planet in the last hundred years or so. Hide your head in the sand, the danger will go away if you can’t see it, right?

Well, you’d better wake up and smell the rotting corpses of people just like you, who relied on the "It can’t happen here" mantra to extract them from the horror that befell them regardless of how many times they repeated it.

The Germans all said, "It can’t happen here". So did the Chinese, the Tibetans,the Cambodians, and the Ukrainians. They all said, "Our government wouldn’t do that to us, now would they?"

Well, you can stick to your mantra, or you can watch the just–released JPFO video, Innocents Betrayed and from there you can follow the advice of Patrick Henry, who said, "[I]t is natural for a man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth—and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it might cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst and to provide for it.."

"And to provide for it". That’s the part I like.

You are in this fight whether you like it or not. You are either a dupe or you’re an "operator"—for either side. You either directly or indirectly support liberty—or you directly or indirectly support a totalitarian system. You either directly or indirectly support the concept of self–defense—or you side with the mass murderers.

This video will clear that up. You will discover if you’re being used by totalitarians, or you will discover that you are in the struggle for freedom in an increasingly hostile environment where liberty is concerned.

"And to provide for it". Get the video, watch it and decide. If you believe it’s a non–issue and you’re too busy repeating your "It can’t happen here" mantra, then put it in with your other videos and let it gather dust, that same dust that your government is becoming all–too–willing to turn you into. I guess that would mean that you never were our countrymen.

If you realize that you’re in this fight, get a couple more copies and start seeing who will view it, and who refuses. Take down their names and keep that list safe. Then, of those who watched the video, record their reactions. Then, get together with a few other fellow patriots who are also in this fight and rent a hall and a large–screen television. Then send out invitations to the general public. Invite the media. (They may not show up to the first public showing, so you’ll have to get the general public to exhort them to attend the next one) Show the video, and then address the audience.

Tell them who refused to watch it and who did watch it. Following that, tell them the reactions of those who did watch it and instruct the audience to follow those public official’s voting records. Tell them they need to watch their media, to see how the media reacts to this video.

We will separate the domestic enemies from the Americans and we will rally the Americans.

For those of you reading this who scoff and then return to your mantra, let me remind you of Waco.

General Wesley Clark, a current candidate for the president of the United States of America and former demoted (he was removed from command on the basis of "personality" and "character" issues in Kosovo?) NATO commander, sent armor against the Branch Davidians and had them shot (at least, the ones who escaped the gas and the "ovens").

Never mind what the media said about the Branch Davidians, never mind how they painted the picture and how you perceived it then. Pay attention right now. General Wesley Clark sent armor against civilians, men women and children who were eventually gassed, burned or shot. According to the media, such was justified. Well, you have been fed statist propaganda and you are basing your beliefs on that propaganda to the exclusion of the truth if you believe the state version of "Waco". Reality has been filtered out for you so you can go on with your "meditation".

If you want the truth about Waco, you need to see the tapes of the congressional hearings, after you’ve seen the documentary, Innocents Betrayed , where you will discover that Waco was just a test case to see how much the American people would allow. You need to see how innocents like yourselves were led into a false sense of security while their governments laid rail lines to Auschwitz and Treblinka, while those governments devised ways of killing hundreds of thousands of people at a time—efficiently—while the rest of the nation either cowed and hid their heads in some dark corner, or cheered the mass murdering JBT’s (jack–booted thugs) on in their shared insanity.

Most importantly, after you’ve seen it, get this video out there to the public so they can inoculate this nation against further encroachments by the totalitarians. Remember: You are in this fight whether you like it or not. If you’re not sure now, choose a side. Time is growing short.

Frederick P. Blume Jr.


I recently saw the movie, Innocents Betrayed. I found it visually stunning and very disturbing.

It’s one thing to read about the link between gun control and genocide in books and articles; it’s quite different to see it on the screen.

Country after country, decade after decade, genocide after genocide, Innocents Betrayed makes clear that every act of genocide in the 20th century had at least one thing in common—the disarmament of the intended victims before the mass murders could begin.

The movie also makes clear that genocide isn’t just something that Jews need worry about. It can happen to anyone if they belong to the wrong religion, the wrong tribe, the wrong ethnic group, or the wrong political persuasion at the wrong time.

And just as genocide should be everyone’s concern because it could happen to any one of you, so should the precursor to genocide, gun control, also be everyone’s concern as well.

Hershel Wolf


To all involved in the production of Innocents Betrayed

Thank you. What a powerful movie you produced. My wife, 15–year olddaughter, and I watched it tonight, and my 18–year old son will watch itlater this evening.

After watching it, my daughter said, "When I turn 21, I’m getting a concealed weapons permit." You can bet she will. I’ll see to it.

My wife and I have concealed weapons permits. I carry most of the time.We’ve had many discussions about guns and gun control in our home, and standfervently on the side of the 2nd Amendment. My son has made twopresentations at his very liberal high school on the right to bear arms.While he’s not embraced by many, he’s won some converts to the 2ndAmendment.

I will encourage my son to see if he can use Innocents Betrayed in a presentation at school. He’s such a strong advocate of the right to bear arms, it’s exciting.

"Never give up the right to keep and bear arms," I said to my daughterwhen the show was over. "Never."

I was glad you documented what happened in Killeen, and to the kids whosehome was broken into in California. I’d read about both of them severaltimes. Thank you for including those contemporary, and very close–to–home,examples of what happens when we disarm.

Here’s to Innocents Betrayed changing the lives of many, and playing a major role in the discussion, and protection, of the 2nd Amendment.

Thank you for all your efforts to make this happen.

Mike Buley
Seattle, WA


Thanks so much for sending me the videotape Innocents Betrayed . Thefilm effectively documents epochs of inhumanity in which firearms prohibitions contributed to genocide. Some parts are difficult to watch—which is not the fault of the film but of the criminals who killed their fellow humans en mass. The discussion at the conclusion is most thoughtful.

Stephen P. Halbrook
Attorney at Law
10560 Main St., Suite 404
Fairfax, VA 22030
Tel. (703) 352–7276
Fax (703) 359–0938
Email: protell@aol.com
Website: www.stephenhalbrook.com


Imagine a world without guns...
By David Codrea

"Use your imagination and imagine a world without guns," urges rock star Sting.

Celebrity dilettante naïveté aside, we don’t need to use our imaginations; the record of history is as clear as it is unspeakably brutal. This is the lesson of Innocents Betrayed , a powerful documentary by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership that shows the undeniable results when governments disarm their subjects.

If we are to imagine a world without guns, let us first:

Imagine Armenians living in Ottoman Turkey without guns.

Imagine the oppressed in Stalin’s Soviet Union without guns.

Imagine Jews in Nazi Germany and conquered Europe without guns.

Imagine the Chinese casualties of Chairman Mao’s terror without guns.

Imagine Pol Pot’s Cambodian "killing fields" victims without guns.

Now imagine the same genocidal scenario playing out in Guatemala, Uganda, Rwanda...

Innocents Betrayed doesn’t require you to use your imagination. It provides irrefutable historical proofs that people who are powerless to resist tyranny are time and again the victims of genocide. This is the common thread that runs through the mass atrocities of the twentieth centuryand continues to this day.

And without hyperbole, Innocents Betrayed shows how, with "gun control" and the right set of circumstances, we Americans are not immune to despotism.

I urge you to obtain a copy of Innocents Betrayed for yourself. I urge you to share it with your loved ones and friends. Decide if your children are ready to have it be part of their education (mine are nine and 12, and more than old enough to grasp the moral and logical lessons amidst the horror).Loan it to your neighbors and coworkers, or show it to a club or group meeting.Buy a copy for your library, or send one to a political representative, law enforcement official, editor or community leader...

I believe once you see it, you’ll want to do all these things. Because the monstrous events documented in Innocents Betrayed happened to real men, real women and real children; people who were persecuted, terrorized, tortured and butchered; people who loved their lives and families as much as you love yours; people like you, but who were powerless to protect themselves by government edict.

Use your imagination and imagine being able to declare "Never again!" and having within your hands the power to back it up. Use your imagination and imagine a world without "gun control."

Innocents Betrayed is a giant step toward that goal.


Your portrayal of this issue and its importance is direct and moving. I knew most of the figures and facts presented, from my earlier research. But, this presentation still left me amazed as to what rulers will do to their own people.170,000,000 people killed by THEIR OWN governments in the century of "The GreatSociety".

The amount of carnage, at the hands of their own governments, in the last century, is just amazing. 170 million people killed by THEIR OWN governments.I urge all of you to purchase and share this video with your family and your friends. Anyone you care about should see it. Then show it to everyone else.

David E. Goodyear
We the People Congress—Lee County, Florida—Coordinator
Excerpt from a review at: http://goodyearfamily.net/archive/october.htm#1027031847


I got my copy of Innocents Betrayed . I fed it into my DVD set and ... it struck me like a freight train running between my ears. This is the best documantary I have ever seen. I was so stunned it took me almost an hour to switch off the set after it had finished. It is a toad to swallow but it is healthy.

Ulrich Biele
Arberg, Germany


Innocents Betrayed, demonstrates graphically the cause and effectrelationship between personal responsibility for one’s own safety and allowinggovernment to usurp that function. It is a poignant reminder of how with a populace disarmed, government soon becomes the master, not the servant.

Charles Heller
Talk Show Host
Liberty Watch
AM 1330 KJLL Tucson


Letter From a Firearms Owner Down Under

Dear JPFO,

I received the DVD of Innocents Betrayed today—it took just 6 days to get here [to Australia]. I have seen it twice already and shown it to one of my friends who was very impressed. It is graphic but really raises the point. I propose to show it to my local Member of Parliament as soon as I can arrange it and of course to my rifle club. I have notified a lot of my friends about it and will continue to do so and show it to anyone anytime.

Please keep up the good work and together we may eventually get back to a rational world and live without fear. Here in Australia we don’t have a second amendment to help protect us from tyrannical governments. I also believe we are the test bed for these global firearm laws. Unfortunately the sheeple don’t seem to have the desire to resist them as they are comfortable with their beer, TV and wall to wall sport etc.

Again, thank you all.

Sincere regards,
Mr. Laurie Richardson
A free man under Almighty God and our Constitution


Innocents Betrayed is a skillfully made documentary film that combines startling imagery with an disturbing historical message. While most people are aware of the many genocides that have occurred in the 20th century, most are unaware of the common thread that binds them together historically: the fact that all were preceded by ruthless gun control measures.

Innocents Betrayed is a case study, in an easily viewable format, to make the case that our liberties will last only as long as we as a society maintain the capability to defend them.

James Dark
Executive Director
Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA)


Innocents Betrayed brings us a staggering burden of truth about themurderous tyrants of the 20th century—before butchering their people thetyrants made sure their people were disarmed by law. But the terrible lessonof this heartbreaking film should make viewers resolve never to allow theirown government to disarm them. Innocents Betrayed teaches us once again the timeless wisdom of the right of self–defense—the first law of nature.

Timothy Wheeler, MD
Director, Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership (DRGO)
A Project of The Claremont Institute
PO Box 1931
Upland, California 91785–1931
telephone and fax 909–949–9971
email drgo@adelphia.net


I spent the High Holy days with family and only yesterday received my mail. Last night I watched Innocents Betrayed. It is spectacular. It is intelligent. It is informative. No matter how much I knew or thought I knew, never has the information been gathered and dramatized as in this film. The visual power is overwhelming. Yet with all its terror and its destruction, the work is startlingly restrained. The viewer must inevitably conclude that there is only one protection against such tyranny, and that is self–protection.

The usual reaction after a Holocaust film runs the gamut: "How could this happen? What was wrong with that culture? Never again!" But Innocents Betrayed demonstrates that the horrors cross cultures and skin colors and have one common theme: disarmament of proud people transforms them to vulnerable victims.

I was a Jewish child during World War II. It became plain to me that self–defense included learning languages, learning shooting, and learning vigilance. It was not stranger for me to learn to use rifles and pistols than to learn ballet or elocution or piano. What I have never understood, as a medical lawyer, as a historian, and as a woman, however, is why anyone should intentionally choose to be a victim. Yes, I know all about psychological transference and other emotional veerings and perversions.

I think you are on to something important in your brief hint in the film that people who are weaponless act more weak and vulnerable than in fact they are. Having no weapon makes one subliminally collaborate with the enemy. Maybe that is a survival technique on the order of "I will cooperate and maybe he will be kinder," or "I shall cooperate so he will not kill me now and maybe help will come to liberate me later." I fear that the problem goes deeper, on the order of: "I am not worthy to live. I have had the good life. He now had the intelligence to get the weapons and deserves to take what I have. If that includes my life, so be it."

I cherish your achievement. I am proud to have participated as a sponsor. I want to help promote this film.

Dr. Madeleine Pelner Cosman, Esq.
President, Medical Equity, Inc.
San Diego


A stellar achievement. Innocents Betrayed is a powerful, moving, and horrifying documentary of what can happen when people lose the means to protect their families and their communities.

Although the production quality is very high, Innocents Betrayed issometimes a very hard movie to watch because it forthrightly depicts the gruesomeand terrible consequences of victim disarmament.

Innocents Betrayed is also a necessary movie to watch. Gun prohibition advocates should watch it because they will, at the least, gain a better understanding of the humanitarian motives of supporters of the right to keep and bear arms. Freedomadvocates should watch Innocents Betrayed to remind themselves that their battles are not just about liberty, but about life itself.

Everyone should watch Innocents Betrayed , as an important step toward making "Never again" a reality rather than a slogan, toward following God’s command: "Do not stand idly by the blood of your brother."

David Kopel
Author, The Cowboy, The Mountie and The Samurai
Research Director, Independence Institute


Aaron Zelman and his team have done the nation and the world an immeasurable service by clearly demonstrating the relationship between genocide and gun bans, in their stunning new documentary, Innocents Betrayed. On a purely statistical basis, the world’s governments by far pose the greatest threat to people’s lives, with more than 170 million people horribly murdered by their "officials" in the last century alone.

The point that resonates with me the most, the one that changed my perspective, is how seemingly humanitarian efforts—those that would have you disarmed "for your own safety"—have been precursors to oppression. While such people may actually believe they are doing the right thing, they are as bad as tyrants who come next and take advantage of your sterile, government–enforced defenselessness.

How many times does the same scenario have to play out before we get it—victim disarmament is a necessary prerequisite for genocide. The making helpless of vast segments of the population is wrong and must be resisted with every fiber of our national being. A person who insists upon your disarmament, backed by the power of armed government agents to enforce the demand, is committing a hateful act of violence.

It’s unthinkable that democide—murder of the populace by the government—could happen here in America (except for the plight of African slaves and Native Americans). But then you have to wonder if, for instance, the Chinese Communists could have slaughtered so many of their own, if those civilians had been as routinely armed as Americans are. It weighs heavily on the belief that guns are why America is still free.

Now the news media and our politicians have their work cut out for them. How are they going to suppress the messages of this exceptional documentary, and blindly continue promoting the gun–control and anti–rights agendas so many of them seem to love so much?

Alan Korwin, Publisher
Bloomfield Press


Two Minutes Minus an Hour

You can do a lot of things in two minutes. You can run, walk or swim agreat distance. I suggest you use at least two minutes to prepare yourselffor the remaining hour needed to watch a powerful film called Innocents Betrayed, produced by Aaron Zelman and Dr. Ignatius Piazza.

You’ll need to prepare yourself because if you don’t understand what men andgovernment can do if they go unchecked, then you are in for a shock. This is abrief history of what happens when there are no advocates of personal freedoms, no checks and balances, and no understanding of human nature. This is a gripping documentary that concisely gives you a snapshot of times in world history many of us selectively choose to forget. Ignorance is not bliss when you are powerless. When law abiding, good people give up their rights to protect themselves for the ideals of a better world they are always betrayed.

This poignant film visually reminds us that from the Carolinas to Cambodiathat power corrupts. It reminds us that though we live in a microwavegeneration mankind has changed little. We live in a time of greatinventions and comfort but must be ever vigilant that freedom isn’t free.

I give two warning to viewers about this film. The first is that it is not science fiction. It actually happened. The second is that it can scrape your "life is good" mentality like a rug burn. I dare you to embrace the grim subject matter to help you remember how far we have come and yet how close we still are to repeating history by supporting "feel good" legislation. I challenge you to see the whole picture that subtly tells us that we are responsible for what we allow to happen in our world. This film shows us millions of people who have been betrayed by popular, good looking, charismatic, and articulate people.

This is an eye opener for the sleeping masses weaned on sound bytes, lies and music video. Watching this film struck a nerve in me. I am a descendant of institutionalized American slavery. My people have survived legal lynchings, rape, and castrations for even thinking of owning a firearm. Each of us in America shares a rich heritage of surviving atrocities forced on them because they were not able to defend themselves. We have freedoms only dreamed about in other lands. Innocents Betrayed is a not so gentle reminder that ignorance is not bliss.

I highly recommend this film for your library. Take two minutes to consider how many copies you need and use the other fifty–eight to watch this informative and insightful video to teach, inform and wake up the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Honor your ancestors by living their dream deferred. Honor their struggle by fighting for freedom for the next generation, never to forget, and never to surrender.

Kenneth V. F. Blanchard


I viewed Innocents Betrayed with a great deal of emotion; it had a profound impact on me. This video is a penetrating reminder of the power anddangers of gun control. Every high school and college student should watch thisvideo. I know my children are going to. I thank JPFO for having the courage and dedication to expose the truth about the history of gun control and its ominous presence in America today.

Sheriff Richard Mack


I have received my copy of Innocents Betrayed by Aaron Zelman, of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, Screen Play by Claire Wolfe. This is not a movie you watch for fun or entertainment. It is, very definitely, a movie you invite a gun–banner to see. Especially if he or she is an arrogant loud–mouth about it. It pulls no punches. It does not exploit the human suffering it depicts, and in fact some of the more gruesome slides appear so briefly you may wonder "What was that?" But you will know. And you will wonder if you really want to rewind and look.It steps through the eight major genocides that have occurred in the last 100 years with clockwork determination: Turkey, Soviet Union, Nazi Germanyand Occupied Europe, China (four separate times, almost continuous over 51 years), Guatemala, Uganda, Cambodia, Rwanda. If you count the Chinese genocides individually, the number is eleven genocides. It appears there is now a twelfth underway in Zimbabwe thanks to a Marxist murderer named Mugabe.

Buy the video. It is $29.95 in VHS or DVD. Then go looking for a gun–banner you can invite over for dinner and a movie, with a discussion group after.

Don Cline


I just finished watching Innocents Betrayed with my family. What apowerful, well–done documentary! You certainly have covered all the bases.

The pro–gun audience will find new meaning to their convictions. Theanti–gun crowd will be a mixed bag of converts vs. those who believe what they must believe for whatever reason. In this latter group are people like Sarah Brady who has a vested and financial interest in keeping her anti–gun belief.

But, there’s a third audience, who I call "the fence–sitters", where thisdocumentary should have the biggest impact.

Thank you so much for having the fortitude to complete this project.

I am very proud to have my name included in the credits. (When I came tothat part, I put the tape in "pause" and my family asked, "Is that you, Dad?"It blew them away because I hadn’t told them about my contribution. Thanksagain.)

John L. Fischer
Springfield, VA


Innocents Betrayed traces the events that led to the slaughter of one hundred seventy million people in the last century. Many different governments participated in these mass murders—the common denominator was that citizens of each offending government were disarmed by their leaders, giving individuals no means by which to fight back. The presentation is absolutely brilliant—words such as compelling, stunning, and awesomecome to mind. In addition to the actual confiscation of guns, the filmexamines what happens to a nation’s psyche when the people are disarmed (i.e., they lose their understanding of the right to self–defense). Peopleneed to buy this film!

Robert A. Waters
Author, The Best Defense


Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership has scored a huge strategic hit with their new video Innocents Betrayed. This video not only underscores the teaching of Holy Scripture that we have a right and duty todefend our homes, our neighbors, and our country, but it has the potentialto undo in one hour the thousands of hours of pro–gun control propagandapoured into peoples lives by the press and entertainment media.

Innocents Betrayed drives home the point that a disarmed people are a slave–like and vulnerable people, and that a government which wants todisarm them should be held suspect.

This video needs to be shown in churches across America.

Pastor Matt Trewhella


Innocents Betrayed is a great and original documentary dealing with the most fundamental point of the gun issue. Gun control is ultimately about power. As the Godfather reminds us, power may not always corrupt, but it always kills. The Framers of the Bill of Rights knew this, but many of us have forgotten. Innocents Betrayed is a wakeup call.

David T. Hardy
Author, Origins and Development of the Second Amendment: A Sourcebook


I am thrilled to see a production that for once doesn’t dance around the real heart of the gun control debate. In a country filled with people who believe, "it could never happen here," this documentary is an excellent educational tool.

Suzanna Gratia Hupp
Member, Texas House of Representatives


Innocents Betrayed is a long–needed documentary that unequivocally ends any discussion about the alleged "common sense" of gun prohibitions. Gun control has led to the mass slaughter of millions and millions of innocent people—including right here on American soil. Thank goodness JPFO produced this film. Every person in America needs to see it soon and repeatedly—especially the children who’ll become voters one day. Every red–blooded American should have a copy of this film in the home library. We need to get this video widely viewed as soon as possible. Thank you JPFO! You’ve done a great service to humanity. May millions of innocent people open their minds and hearts and observe the historical realities of gun control—while there’s still time to do something about it.

Angel Shamaya
Founder/Executive Director


Innocents Betrayed is a riveting, heartbreakingly powerful documentary that clearly links gun control and registration with genocide time and time again. I don’t see how any rational person could see it and fail to be moved.

Sunni Maravillosa, Ph.D
Publisher, Doing Freedom magazine


There was the world before powered human flight and the world after, theworld before a nuclear submarine traveled under the polar icecap and theworld after, the world before a man walked on the moon and the world after.I am of the opinion that JPFO’s Innocents Betrayed will have at least this degree of influence in the minds of those that watch it and the politicallandscape in general. The history and study of American and even worldpolitics will refer to the years before Innocents Betrayed wasproduced,... and then the years after. My family and I thank you for thisvery powerful freedom tool with its timeless message.

Ernest Hancock
Radio Talk Host
Founder, Freedom Summit


Innocents Betrayed is everything you promised, and more. It’s very, very powerful, and extremely well done. I don’t think anyone couldwatch it and not feel compelled to think about the issues it brings up, to at least consider the evidence you place before them. Bravo!

Louis James


Innocents Betrayed is absolutely vital viewing for open–minded individuals who currently believe that gun control will make them safer, fence–sitters who have not made up their mind about the gun control issue, and citizens of all countries who may not be aware of the insidious roots of genocide. It is the factual counterpart to "Bowling for Columbine," United Nations proclamations, and other dishonest portrayals of not only the right but the necessity for civilian ownership of firearms in the 21st century. It cannot be emphasized enough that the butchery this important film documents occurred not in man’s brutal, distant past but within living memory—and in every case, it began with modern government officials restricting access to guns to themselves, their bodyguards, their soldiers, and their internal police forces.

Jon Ford
Editorial Director, Paladin Press


In nation after nation, Innocents Betrayed , examines the consequences of what happens when a government disarms its citizens. Taking responsibility for protecting freedom is a sacred duty of free men. The producers of Innocents Betrayed have undertaken that duty and revealed the sinister reasons behind gun control. The film, at times, is graphic and can be hard to watch—but no one ever said defending Freedom is easy. You owe it to yourself and loved ones to find out what can happen when a nation is disarmed.

Denny Hansen
Editor, S.W.A.T. Magazine


I was very moved by the film Innocents Betrayed . As the title suggests, it is the innocent who become victims of violence and terror. Jewish tradition teaches: ’Hakam lehargecha hashkem lehargo’ which means ’if someone is coming to murder you, be prepared and defend yourself.’As I was viewing the film, it became very clear to me that the wisdom of our tradition needs to be learned and relearned by all people. If innocent people can defend themselves from evil designs then genocide, tyranny, oppression and slaughter of innocents can be averted.

Rabbi Dr. Gideon M. Goldenholz


Innocents Betrayed is a powerful and graphic reminder of man’s inhumanity to man. It shows time and time again that the helpless are at the mercy of those with power. ... This film is about a Holocaust wreaked upon the innocents of the world, at the hands of not only crazed dictators, misguided regimes, and corrupt governments, but also at the hands of criminals. ...The common thread to all these slaughters is that their own rulers or governments first rendered the victims helpless. The targeted victims were denied their basic human right to self–defense by being denied the ability to own a firearm. ...

Innocents Betrayed is a must see for everyone, especially for those who believe that guns have no place in society!

Maria Heil
Second Amendment Sisters


Innocents Betrayed pounds home its point with an irresistible barrage of historical examples. It shows that mass murder, genocide and politicalunrest can strike anywhere, anytime. Never, never, never give up your guns.

Richard Poe
Author, The Seven Myths of Gun Control


Protection of Human Rights does not demand a Hollywood cowboy attitude. It does, however, require Free Citizens to stand up to their responsibilities: to understand history, think independently and act with honor. Innocents Betrayed provides a valuable tool for the understanding of history...the remainder is left to us.

No man who values his Freedom, his Country or his Family can view this film and ever surrender these values without a fight...whether it be on the soapbox or at the ballot box, this film is a wake–up call to each of us....

Richard J. Lucibella
Publisher, S.W.A.T. Magazine


Great job! We at GOA will do all we can to help get this into as many hands as possible. You forcefully depict the foundation of gun control that permitted genocide around the world. You also took away the American ostrich argument that ’it can’t happen here.’ It already has, as Innocents Betrayed demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Larry Pratt
Executive Director, Gun Owners of America


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