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#9 Why Jews MUST learn to Shoot

GP 9

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#8 Is America Becoming a Police State?

GP 8

The latest Gran'pa Jack, "Is America Becoming a Police State?" is chock full of simple-to-understand and timely information to help you show people why gun ownership is vitally necessary at all times, but especially in uncertain times as we now have in America.




#7 Do Gun Prohibitionists Have a Mental Problem?

GP 7

Do Gun Prohibitionists Have a Mental Problem?
This is the most aggressive Gran'pa Jack ever published. Why? It gives you an ability to expose the underlying motivations of millions of anti-gun ownership advocates. It also can be used to help anti-gun people acknowledge that they may indeed have mental problems they may not know about or understand.




#6 Will "Gun Control" Make You Safer?

GP 6
In this more recent booklet, Gran'pa Jack asks: Will "gun control" make you safer?
This booklet is perfect for today's hectic society where people have very little time to read or do critical thinking about freedom issues. Gran'pa Jack #6 makes it easy.
We designed "Will 'Gun Control' Make You Safer?" to reach people who are confused by deceptive "gun control" ideology. Personal and family safety is on everyone's mind. If we can reach these people, then we can win many of them to our side. Be sure to read about "Dial 911 and Die"




#5 The United Nations is Killing Your Freedoms!

GP 5
NOTE: Sorry, this is currently unavailable as we are out of stock.
Maybe you thought we had plenty to do just to preserve the right to keep and bear arms. Yet that crucial battle might seem quite irrelevant after the United Nations abolishes the Bill of Rights altogether. Not possible? Can't believe it? You need to learn how the United Nations, with U.S. Government support, has already laid the groundwork to abolish nearly every right protected in our Bill of Rights. They call it the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.




#4 "Gun Control" is Racist!

GP 4
This newer booklet boldly exposes the ugly secret of "gun control." It firmly plants the pro-liberty position on the moral high ground. How? By telling the truth. "Gun Control" is not just another modem, misguided policy idea. The debate over "gun control" is not about personal opinions where "reasonable minds can differ." "Gun Control" is no more debatable today than is Negro slavery - because the slavery culture created American "gun control." You must seize this opportunity to push "gun control" advocates into their evil corner.




#3 It's Common Sense (to use our Bill of Rights)

GP 3

NOTE: Sorry, this is currently unavailable as we are out of stock.
This comic book solves many major problems we battle daily to preserve our firearms ownership. Gran'pa Jack's "Common sense" gives people the history lessons behind the development of the Bill of Rights. People will now know why they have rights, and what a right is.




#2 Can You Get a Fair Trial in America?  (Sorry, out of stock right now)

GP 2

"Can You Get A Fair Trial In America?" was written to educate Americans that no jury need convict a law-abiding citizen of the "crime" of self-defense. No matter what a judge or prosecutor says. You need to use this intellectual "firepower" regarding your rights today, as explained in Gran' pa Jack #2.




#1 "Gun Control" Kills Kids!

GP 1
This comic book is number one in the "Gran'pa Jack" series. It is an educational comic aimed at everyone aged eight or older. It destroys every major argument for "gun control". It educates kids so they will know how to support firearms ownership. It immunizes kids against anti-gun propaganda and it provides long-term insurance for your right to be armed. Not unimportantly, the book will cause heartburn for Sarah Brady, Peter Jennings and other boosters of civilian disarmament. Grandpa Jack emerges as an American folk hero.



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