The Ten Commandments of Self Defense

Will keep you alive or, you can die by man's laws.

Would you be surprised by the Orthodox Rabbi who tells you –

"G-d ( ♦♦) says, Buy a gun and defend yourself!"


Interview  Sound File (from October 2009)

Do you talk with Jews who are still hostile to firearms ownership? Do you debate with Christians who still think Jesus opposed using force in self-defense? Read this article, which was Rabbi Dovid Bendory's turning point and lead him to decide to condemn 'Gun Control'.

If so, then you need to hear this powerful presentation by Rabbi Dovid Bendory: "The Ten Commandments of Self-Defense". If you have ever engaged in the battle of ideas - if you have ever confronted the clash of world views - then you will be thrilled with what you learn.

You can purchase this powerful 2 CD lecture presentation from The JPFO Store, and your order will include a free copy of the Telly Award winning film "2A Today for The USA". Listen to the JPFO interview with Rabbi Bendory (transcript only option). Read the full introduction to "The Ten Commandments of Self Defense".

Responses to "The Ten Commandments of Self-Defense" we have received.

10C DVD 1
The first of the two CD set.
10C Cover
The two CD set wrapper front
10C DVD 2
The second of the two CD set.


Study Guide
The Study Guide accompanies the two CD set.

An included study guide reminds us .......

"The Torah says: If someone comes to kill you, preemptively strike him first."

"If the thief is found tunneling into the house and he is hit and killed, there is no blood guilt."

"One who breaks into a home, whether by day or night, if the homeowner kills him there is no crime.


Your order for "The Ten Commandments of Self Defense" will include a study guide and a FREE copy of JPFO's outstanding, ground breaking and Telly Award winning film "2a Today for The USA" ( a $9.95 value).

Probably the best explanation about the Second Amendment ever offered.

Read the many comments JPFO has received.

JPFO's ground breaking and award winning DVD - the full explanation of this corner stone of the Bill of Rights.

♦♦ — In Judaism, the name of the Almighty is not spelled out in non sacred text.


Responses ..........


Having recently purchased and listened to "The Ten Commandments of Self Defense" by Rabbi Bendory, I can personally recommend it to anyone who has an interest in learning about and being assured of the sanctity of self defense.

Rabbi Bendory goes to the ancient texts and traditions of Jewish teachings to explain why we all have the right and duty to defend ourselves, and that one is not alone if it happens that he must engage in an armed defense of his life.

As a Christian, this lecture was very beneficial, in that it filled in some of the "fuzzy" knowledge I had about the Old Testament's treatment of the subject of self defense.

Marinelle Thompson
Founder, Director & President


The next recommendation is for a couple audio disks that I recently listened to. It's called "The Ten Commandments of Self Defense", and it was recommended to me by Mr. Zelman from the JPFO (Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership).

It's an audio presentation by a Rabbi named Dovid Bendory, where he talks about how we not only have a right to self defense, but a duty. He then goes on to list and explain what he believes are the ten 'commandments' of self defense.

It would definitely be most relevant to a Jewish person, but I found it very worth while, and he nailed the ten commandments- they are things that everyone who carries a gun should understand and abide by.

If you're interested in getting a copy of that, go here. I see that they are including a copy of the DVD "2A Today for the USA" as well, which I've also seen, and thought very highly of.

Tim Schmidt, USCCA (US Concealed Carry Association).


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