'Gun Control' Senators Ignore
Criminals to Treat Guns as a Disease

By Larry Keane. Nov 29, 2023

U.S. Senators bent on more 'gun control' used a hearing at the Senate Judiciary Committee to attempt to yet again diagnose violent crime in America as a public health disease. Their only proposed cure, of course, is more 'gun control'.

In the eyes of one witness, it was another instance of 'gun control' efforts putting their playlist on repeat, hoping that each time they play the same soundtrack they will somehow convince America that the only prescription to solving the revolving door of crime is to abandon Constitutionally-protected rights. The problem is crime is a behavior and not a disease, best addressed by strict enforcement of existing laws.


The hearing started with a video montage played by Judiciary Chairman Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), highlighting many of the grotesquely-exploited images of mass murder incidents that were previously published by The Washington Post and earned media scorn. Sen. Durbin said in his opening statement, "Across the country, gun violence is a public health epidemic, plain and simple."

Note the carefully chosen phrase. Sen. Durbin didn't refer to criminal misuse of firearms or repeat violent offenders who prey on innocent lives. In his estimation, guns are a pathogen. Eradicating them, even for lawful owners, is the only way forward. .....


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